Here are some of the coolest food links around the web this week. Hope you like them too!

Turns out, personalized lollipops are a thing. And they’re awesome!

Awesome a thing: full-size gummy pickles (above). Awesome though? Hm…we’ll let you decide. You can buy them from Vat19 who created them with help of The Gummy Bear Guy.

Here’s a cool new way to get your favorite food magazines — and all magazines — right on your tablet or phone.

This is the one fruit you’ll see everywhere this summer and we couldn’t be more excited!

If you and your partner have disagreements over your kids’ feeding habits, here’s some advice. Do you agree?

Raise your hands if you WaWa fans knew that WaWa has a secret menu! Birthday cake milkshake? Yes, please!

White Castle is now serving a plant-based burger called “The Impossible Slider.” Who will try it and let us know the verdict?

Also for vegans, here’s how to make vegan bacon.

Satiety Index

This infographic from Massive Health shows the best foods to prevent an energy crash. Click through to LifeHacker for some fascinating facts, like why bananas aren’t much better than cookies in some ways. Wow.

And don’t miss 2018’s “dirty dozen” list of fruits and vegetables with the highest content of pesticide residue. Spoiler: If you are going to splurge on anything organic, make it strawberries and spinach.

Speaking of which, this recipe for easy strawberry syrup is calling our names. Bring on spring!

Also: bad news for those of you who drink more than a glass of wine a night. (But good news if you want an excuse to cut back.)

This Rube-Goldberg machine takes you from dinner to cake.

Starting to think Mother’s Day gifts? How about thesedelicious food gifts the kids can help make!

Mayochup. That is all.