You may love them, but do you have the chops to take on this gargantuan cinnamon roll?

Perhaps try these delicious things together for breakfast: banana cottage cheese honey spread on toast with fresh fruit and granola.

Or breakfast tacos. Yum!

Cinco de Mayo is coming up, be sure you are prepared with delicious food.

We’re big sushi fans, from sushi sandwiches, to the gorgeous sushi stop-animation sequence in Wes Anderson’s newest film.

Throwing a pizza party but you have a vegan guest? Here’s how to make vegan cheese.

Toy Story Cookies

Pixar Fest food, like these adorable “Toy Story” alien macorons, is now available at Disneyland, but only for a limited time. [Image via Today’s Mama]

In case you needed a reason to suds up in more ways than one, here’s why having a beer in the shower is a good idea.

The worries of a mom whose child has food allergies aren’t trivial: please don’t feed your child peanut butter in public.

In case you don’t wish to just drink it, there is now spreadable gin for your sandwich and toast needs.

And if you can’t decide between the two, simply drink some coffee wine. (Yes, it really does exist!)

Or, if you prefer to go alcohol-free, check out these refreshing mocktails.

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