Here are a few cool food finds from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Bring on Father’s Day! Here are some easy Father’s Day treats kids can help make, and other DIY Father’s Day gifts, like the personalized grill prep plates pictured above, via the tutorial from These Little Loves.

In case you are a bit too heavy-handed: heres’s how to correct over-salted food.

Bookmark these ways to use frozen shrimp for convenient summer seafood.

Bread lovers: this is the bed for you.

Nickelodeon Slime Sauce exists: would you eat it?

Starbucks is raising its prices!

Do you buy these things at Trader Joe’s?

Pixelated food by Yuni Yoshida

This pixelated food from artist Yuni Yoshida is incredible! In a series aptly named “Pixelated,” she cuts up real foods (no Photoshop here!) from fruit to sandwiches then photographs them, resulting in a photo that feels like a blend of small and large pixels constituting one food item. It really makes you think about how we see items digitally and what we lose — and gain — seeing them in person, complete, with the naked eye. You can see more of her incredible work at the Yuni Yoshida website.

Thinking about making your own frozen treats? Check out the best ice-cream makers at five different price-points.

It may seem hard to believe, but feeding the kids doesn’t have to be horrific.

Be sure to bookmark this vegetable grilling guide.

We are all distraught to hear of Anthony Bourdain’s untimely death. He meant so much to so many of us. Here are some resources for talking about suicide and depression with your kids since surely they’ll be catching word of it on the news or from friends.

Also read this wonderful story from a North Dakota food critic about how Bourdain celebrated her work rather than mock it, and helped fight the pretension of food writing and criticism all at once. RIP, Chef.

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