A lot of stuff ends up on our desks at CME HQ and honestly, most of it doesn’t pass muster. But after getting a chance to try the new Click and Grow indoor Smart Garden 9, consider me a new fan! This smart indoor planter system takes all the guesswork — and most of the actual work — out of growing plants, thanks to a self-watering system (it holds water for a full month, LED lights, and seed capsules that include all the nutrients needed to support 9 different plants you grow.

It’s a huge boon to someone like me. A.K.A. a huge consumer of herbs, but someone who has somehow managed to kill cacti, let alone a whole indoor garden. But with this? Game changer!

Within a couple of days, my little basil, lettuce, and tomato plants sprouted green shoots. A month later, I served homemade basil pesto to my family, and basked in the adulation.

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If you’re already a gardening aficionado, you probably don’t need this (very) pricey device. And if you live in a climate where you can garden year round — talking to you, SoCal mamas — it’s probably not right for you.

But considering the price of basil off season in some areas ($3.99 for 1.25 oz of basil at Fresh Direct, yikes!) it could end up being a smart purchase, saving you money in the long run.  Also note that the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3, with room for 3 plants instead of 9, is far less expensive.

The Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 is nearly a foolproof way to grow your own herbs indoors

Still, I think it’s an awesome gift for someone who enjoys fresh herbs but doesn’t have the space or light to grow them in their home. Or for apartment-living kids who would love to learn about plants and gardening first-hand. Or hey, for fellow black thumbs like me who just need a little head start before replanting in our own gardens. Baby steps, right?.

Find the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 or the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 from our affiliate Amazon and choose from 50 different pods for growing. If out of stock on Amazon, check out the Click and Grow website to purchase directly. Thanks to the company for sending CME a sample for editorial consideration. 

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