Leave it to Emily McDowell, makers of all things funny and smart and filled with truthiness to blow out her collection of funny cocktail napkins just in time for the holiday season. As if I didn’t already have trouble choosing between all the great napkins she sells.

(I ordered the dystopian nightmare napkins for our New Year’s party-slash-feminist mom’s birthday celebration and they were a big hit.)

Wine bingo cocktail napkins from Emily McDowell just in time for holiday parties!

She just this week launched wine bingo cocktail napkins, and as someone who reads food and wine columns for a living, they definitely have me laughing.

The idea is not to drink a glass of wine for each square because duh, then you’ll be too drunk to enjoy the wine or read the napkins  well. No, the idea is that you can check off a square each time you hear a descriptor like oaky, minerally, jammy or my favorite, traces of popsicles.

Of course if you don’t like the idea of making fun of oenophile pretension, you can always go with Emily’s other funny cocktail napkins.

Conversation starter cocktail napkins from Emily McDowell: perfect for introverts!

Her conversation starter cocktail napkins or her astute party thoughts pie chart cocktail napkins (at very top) are perfect for all the introverts of the world.

You are the best looking person at this party cocktail napkins from Emily McDowell

Or, go ahead and order a few packs of the you are the best looking person at this party napkins. Because whomever you give one to, whatever the occasion, it will be totally true. Especially after the second glass.

Drink responsibly and shop responsibly at Emily McDowell’s website, home of hilarious cocktail napkins to help make your next party a hit.

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