I realize that on scale of 1 to 10, the problem of not being able to scoop hard ice cream out into a bowl compared to everything else going on in the world is at a -78151 (or at least, it should be). But c’mon, aren’t you a little bit curious about a heated ice cream scoop? Because I admit, I totally am (and I don’t even eat ice cream).

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The SVANKi has blown up their Kickstarter campaign, most likely by people like you (and perhaps, me), who understand that no one wants to wait to scoop their dang ice cream into a bowl (especially if you’re dealing with small children). I want my ice cream and I want it now! Not in 5 minutes! Sound familiar?

This heated ice cream scoop sits on your counter, and when you know you’re about to do some damage to that hard as rock pint of custom eCreamery ice cream, you push the button, it heats up, and you can scoop without the feeling like you’re digging into concrete with a spoon.

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So let’s be clear here. No one really needs an electric heated ice cream scoop. And TBH, you probably don’t need yet another thing on your counter, especially at $60. But the real question is whether you want it – for yourself or the ultimate food-loving holiday gift for something else. And well, we all know what that answer is.

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