Whether or not you believed that the world needed another type of slime, it has officially arrived in the form of new edible, store-bought JELL-O Play Slime. And unlike the many DIY slime recipes we’ve shared before, it’s almost completely ready to use out of the can — just add water!)

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Plus it tastes like…unicorns and monsters?

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JELL-O's new play slime in edible flavors like unicorn and...monster!

The truth is, I’m not completely sure what it tastes like yet, but the label assures us that it’s “100% edible.” Which I think will be more than enough to tempt my toddler, especially when he sees the neon candy colors and squishy texture.

So what’s the upside for parents? I suppose it means you always have some on hand or impromptu playdate activities. Plus, you won’t have to assist your kids in researching recipes and preparing the slime, which means you’ll save more time for yourself.

Or, okay, more time for cleaning up slime projects. Let’s be real.

Both magical flavors of the new JELL-O Play Slime are available for pre-order starting today at our affiliate Amazon. 

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