Grab your pen and grocery list, because next week’s meal plan is ready! We’ve found 5 great recipes that make smart use of your time in the kitchen. We have tips to stretch your cooking, so one session in the kitchen lasts for more than one recipe (whoo!). We also have some great vegetarian options and ideas to help with other dietary needs.

Happy eating, parents! Fingers crossed, your kids might even ask for seconds on these easy dinners.

At top: slow cooker BBQ ribs at Butter and Baggage; pulled-pork nachos at Running to the Kitchen

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Weekly meal plan: Vegan Lasagna Rolls at That Plant Powered Couple

For Meatless Monday, I’m loving these vegan lasagna rolls at Plant Power Couple. They do take a little bit of prep because they call for a “walnut sausage,” which they provide a quick, no-cook recipe for. That said, you could easily use store-bought vegan sausage in its place as a quicker option.

Weekly meal plan: Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs at Butter and Baggage

I love a good slow cooker meal during a busy week, and these slow cooker BBQ ribs at Butter and Baggage feel like restaurant fare without any of the work. While the ribs are cooking, whip up some mac & cheese and veggies for your side dishes. And be sure to have plenty of wipes on hand for messy faces afterward. (Make more than you’ll need for tonight, and save the leftover pork for the nachos later this week.)

Weekly meal plan: Pesto Butter Swordfish at A Zest for Life

I know swordfish might feel like a stretch for kids, but the hearty white meat on this fish makes it pretty accessible for them. This Swordfish with Pesto-Compound Butter at A Zest for Life is a light, fresh and super-tasty dinner. That said, if swordfish isn’t in the budget you could sub in salmon or even grilled tilapia for a light, kid-friendly dinner.

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Weekly meal plan: Cheesy Meatballs at Skinny Taste

Did you make extra meatballs in last week’s meal plan? If so, you can make a quick dinner with them in this Cheesy Meatball Skillet at Skinny Taste. Serve with a side salad or some of your kids’ favorite veggies and dipping sauce, and definitely some bread for sopping up that yummy, cheesy sauce, for an easy weeknight meal.

Weekly meal plan: Pulled Pork Nachos at Running to the Kitchen

Use your leftover pork for these pulled-pork nachos at Running to the Kitchen. Layer all the ingredients on a sheet pan and pop them in the oven, then turn on Netflix for Friday family movie night. It’s an easy dinner to make for vegetarians too, as you can just leave the meat off half the tray of nachos.

Weekly meal plan: Cranberry Orange cookies at Cake Whiz

We’re still trying to get all our winter citrus in, and these Cranberry Orange cookies at Cake Whiz sound delicious. And if you’re an adventurous baker, I love the dozen or so other ideas she gives…ranging from adding herbs like lavender or rosemary to ginger or shredded coconut. Yummy!