Of all the things we are going to keep from the past year, one is the new habit of making our own lattes, Americanos and even caramel machiato-whatevers…right at home. It saves us money, it’s kind of fun, it lets us make them exactly how we want, and above all, it gives us a chance to try out beans from lots of small roasters instead of whatever a big chain is serving.

One way to make it even easier and more fun: A Trade Coffee subscription.

It’s so customized, it’s kind of crazy. And while they’re our latest sponsor, there’s a reason why we’ve been recommending this coffee subscription as one of our favorite food gifts for years.

Plus, we learn so much from them!

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Understanding coffee bean roast levels | Trade Coffee

Comparing coffee bean grind size, what works for which coffee makers | Trade Coffee

Start by taking this fun coffee quiz that helps you figure out the exact perfect coffee for you — right down to the strength, the grind, even the way you take your coffee. Because it turns out some beans are better suited to milk and sugar, others are exquisite for an after-dinner cappuccino, while you may want a different roast if you drink your coffee hot, strong, and black.

And if you give a coffee subscription from Trade as a gift, no worries — your lucky recipient ets to fill out the quiz themselves.

Trade Coffee will walk you through the whole process, so you can have truly delicious coffee delivered to your door all curated just for your tastes. And wow, is it fresh — each coffee from Trade is roasted and shipped within 24 hours of ordering.

Take this fun quiz from Trade Coffee to learn what kind of beans you'd like best

Sign up now (ahem, Father’s Day is coming up) and discover some delicious new coffee roasters from around the US, whatever your tastes. Even if you prefer decaf.

We don’t judge.

Take the Trade Coffee profile quiz now and get your first bag free + free shipping for your entire subscription. The first bag is even guaranteed — if you don’t like it, they’ll replace it totally free with something you will like. (But we’ve never gone wrong with them.)


Thanks to our partner Trade for providing this fantastic offer to our readers!