My backyard garden is starting to produce some radishes and cabbage this week, and I’m seeing the most delicious peaches and tomatoes at local roadside stands lately. So this week I am going to be picking dinner recipes for my family that focus on July’s fresh produce, so we can make the most of these ingredients while they’re at their peak.

So start your grocery list and get your knives sharpened so you can be ready to incorporate any of these meal plan ideas into your family’s rotation too this week.

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2021 meal plan ideas: Encourage the family to eat together at the table with a summery gingham tablecloth.

I’ve been rushing so much these last few weeks, I want to pause and create a little spot of beauty around our kitchen table so we are more intentional to actually meet there for dinner. I’ll spread a gingham tablecloth on the kitchen table and have my kids snip some flowers from the yard to arrange in a mason jar for a summery dinner table setup.

2021 Meal plan ideas: Herby tomato pie with fresh tomatoes at Tastes Better From Scratch

Tomato pie is standard southern fare, and if you have never tried it before, you’re missing out. For the uninitiated: it’s simply layers of herby tomatoes and creamy cheese in a pie crust. It’s like a lighter, more summery lasagna. This tomato pie recipe at Tastes Better from Scratch has the perfect mix of cheesiness with bursts of herby flavor. I’d serve this with a salad for #MeatlessMonday…or even with some grilled chicken on the side for those who want some meat, too.

2021 meal plan ideas: Pesto Peach Chicken at Halfbaked Harvest

This pesto peach chicken at Halfbaked Harvest will make great use of my burgeoning basil plants and the overflowing baskets of peaches I’ve picked up from a local grower—if I can get my kids to keep from eating them straight, first. Give some asparagus a quick sear for a fresh veggie on the side, and you’ve got a delightfully summery dish.

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Our favorite cast iron cookware: This Staub double-handed cast iron pan

Staub cast iron pans are pricey, but they are worth every extra penny. I have Staub, Lodge, and Le Creuset in my kitchen and my Staub pan is, hands down, my favorite. I use a gentle brush and a little dish soap to wash it out after I’m finished cooking, and it still looks like brand new more than two years later. If you’re not sure which piece to buy first, start with this Staub double handed fry pan; it’s perfect for the recipes you’ll cook this week.

2021 meal plan ideas: Hoisin Glazed Tempeh Bowls at The Curious Chickpea

To use up some of the fresh radishes, cabbage, and kale in my garden, I’m planning to make these Hoisin Glazed Tempeh Bowls at The Curious Chickpea. I’ll serve them DIY style, so my family can pick which ingredients they want in their own bowls, and you can absolutely grill some chicken or steak, or even cut some fresh ahi tuna, if you don’t like tempeh.

2021 meal plan ideas: Chicken fajita bowls at What's Gaby Cooking?

You can make the most of the fresh avocado, peppers, tomatoes, and herbs right now with these chicken fajita bowls at What’s Gaby Cooking? You can serve them DIY style, where everyone makes their own. Or you can make them into tacos or even quesadillas with a generous helping of guacamole on the side. My only suggestion: make some margaritas to go with them.

2021 meal plan ideas: Grilled Chicken Caesar Skewers at Skinny Taste

I picked up some in-season zucchini with my family’s favorite zucchini bread recipe in mind, but since my daughter’s been doing some baking this week, I think I’ll switch gears and make these grilled caesar salad skewers at Skinny Taste instead. Just load these skewers up (and maybe add some red pepper, for a little more “rainbow” on your plate), grill, then slide them off for a ready made chicken Caesar salad.

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