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How to tell if food is fresh: Awesome kitchen tricks

Have you ever opened a jar of half-used tomato sauce only to find furry white spots of mold floating on top? While some spoiled food is quite obvious—all you need do is open the container and take a whiff—others are less so. Especially pantry staples that you tend...

How to tell if food is fresh Cool Mom Eats

5 easy ways to drink more water, because we all need it

I'm not sure why it's so hard to drink our daily recommended amount of water, but it just is. I'm trying to do better this year and know that others at Cool Mom HQ are too, so I've found a few ways to make it a little easier. Because even when it's freezing cold...

5 easy ways to drink more water | Photo (c) Kate Etue for Cool Mom Eats


Eat Cho Food + the Lunar New Year

As of today, millions of people around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year, which officially begins January 22 in 2023. Last week, my family was pretty impressed with my Chinese food menu sourced from The Woks of Life, so much so that I decided to dive in again...

Lunar New Year Recipes Try Chicken Sausage Steamed Buns from Eat Cho Food

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