I didn’t own a cake stand for the longest time because I thought that they were all frilly and, I don’t know, Victorian in a way that doesn’t fit my aesthetic. They were pretty, but not for me. Then I found a cake stand that changed everything and now I own three. (As it turns out, cake stands are useful pedestals, and not just for birthdays.) If, like me, you thought that they had to be lacy and proper, these 10 gorgeous, modern cake stands will change everything. So save up. You may find yourself wanting more than one.

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Jansen + Co modern cake stands | A+R

Jansen + Co makes gorgeous contemporary cake stands  available in 3 sizes and 5  bright colors, from sunshine yellow to fire engine red. This blue is my favorite—it seems the perfect color for this modern design—though the green (top) is a lovely, modern take on the classic jadeite cake stands. Choices, choices. ($40-70, A+R)

Arbor modern cake stand by Jansen + Co | A+R

You’ll also find the Arbor Cake Stand by French trio Y’a Pas Le Feu Au Lac in 3 colors at A+R. This clean painted beech wood design was inspired by trees and has the same simple beauty. That beauty comes with a hefty price tag, though. This is most definitely a splurge. ($150, A+R)


Modern cake stands: Timeless Jadeite cake stand that can go classic or contemporary | Food52

Though I love a playfully modern interpretation, some classic designs stand the test of time. This Jadeite Glass Cake Stand is classic and modern at once and can easily fit in any kitchen, old-fashioned or contemporary. A design this flexible is always a winner, especially as a gift. ($56, Food52)


Gorgeous, modern cake stand with thin base made of sustainable maple | AHeirloom

AHeirloom makes gorgeous, heirloom-quality housewares out of Brooklyn, NY (of course!). Their fabulous hardwood cake stands are made with eco-friendly, FSC certified hardwood. They are available in walnut (top) or maple (above) and you can choose between a thin (above) or thick base (top). All of the cake stands are weighted so that they can hold however many layers you can make. ($70, AHeirloom)

Modern cake stands: Woodland Creatures Cake Stands by imm Living | Envilu

I love that the Woodland Creature Cake Stands by imm Living can be both whimsical or cheeky, depending on how you style them. They’re just as fun holding cupcakes at a kid’s party as they are on a table set for a grown-up dinner party. I’m partial to the rabbit, but the stand is also available in a duck, owl (top), or horse design. ($49, Envilu)


Candy Rock modern cake stands | Envilu

These spectacular Candy Rock metallic cake stands, also by imm Living, are definitely statement pieces. They come in three metallic colors and are a super playful way to give your table sparkle, especially if you have an otherwise monochromatic look. ($48, Envilu)


Modern cake stands: Marais Gold Glazed cake stand | Dwell Studio

If you like the idea of metallic, but prefer something more understated, the Marais Gold Glazed Cake Stand is a lovely piece that will bring a touch of glamour to any table. ($96, Dwell Studio)


Simply Stunning modern cake stand | Sarah's Stands

Sarah’s Stands is a great first stop shop if you’re in the market for a cake stand. They offer 4 styles in tons of colors, but I’ve fallen for this Simply Stunning cake stand in Enchanted Evening, an unexpected, deep plum. If you like the style and not the color, or the other way around, the site is still worth a visit. There are tons of other options. ($95-109, Sarah’s Stands)


Simple, black, modern cake stand | Fishs Eddy

Slightly more adorned, but still simple, this black cake stand, which is available in 3 sizes at Fishs Eddy, has an edgy look thanks to its sleek, dark color. Sometimes a modern approach to color is all it takes to update a classic design like this one. ($56.95-99.95, Fishs Eddy)


Elegant, modern cake stand in white marble | Sur La Table

Last, but not least, I had to share this white marble cake stand at Sur La Table. It may not be as design-y as the rest, but timeless is modern, too, and it doesn’t get more timeless than this simple, clean cake stand. ($59.95, Sur La Table)