My daughter’s birthday is coming up soon (which you probably already know, because she is telling everybody), so I’ve been looking for treats that we can give her friends at her party. I’m pretty sure she’d be the coolest kid ever — and I’d be the coolest mom ever — if I ordered these really fun custom cookies made to look just like her.

Parker’s Crazy Cookies seems to do an incredible job of making cookies that actually look like you. Or, more likely, the person you’re surprising with these cookies. I’m pretty impressed with some of their likenesses. Wow.

Parker's Crazy Cookies creates amazing likenesses with their custom cookies

Surprise Grandpa with a custom cookie from Parker's Crazy Cookies

How adorable is this custom cookie from Parker's Crazy Cookies?

This little bakery is in the San Francisco Bay area, so it shouldn’t surprise us that they are pretty healthy. (We’re still laughing at Inside Out‘s broccoli pizza, after all). But people say these vanilla-flavored cookies taste great, kind of like animal crackers, despite being low in sugar, having no high fructose corn syrup, and lacking preservatives. So you can feel good giving them to your kids, even the babies.

You can find all the pricing info (warning: they’re not cheap) for custom portrait cookies at Parker’s Crazy Cookies website. Enjoy! They look like so much fun.