updated for 2016

Our Christmas countdown has officially begun. Well, it actually starts December 1, with the beginning of Advent, but my kids have been counting down for a while now. As in, since December 26th last year.

Now that the advent season is right around the corner, I’ve been shopping for fun, festive Advent calendars with a foodie twist, because sharing food (and drink!) with my friends and family is one of my favorite parts of celebrating the season. These food advent calendars—from DIY to sophisticated, sweet to boozy—are my favorites for the whole family, because who says the kids should be the only ones who get treats at Christmas?

Top:  Spiced Sugar Cookie Advent Calendar | Butter Hearts Sugar


Sweets-Filled Advent Calendars

This bright, fun Dylan's Candy Bar advent calendar is one of the best this season | Cool Mom Eats

What more is there to say about the 2016 Dylan’s Candy Bar Advent calendar other than it’s filled with, of course, candy. And good candy too. We’re in!


A lovely vintage-style confectionery advent calendar at Fortnum & Mason that you can reuse every yearTreats to fill your confectionery advent calendar from Fortnum & Mason

Why not treat your family to this lovely, wooden keepsake confectionery Advent calendar at Fortnum and Mason this year. You can buy it empty, but I say splurge on the one filled with classic British candies this time around, and fill it with your own snacks next year. (Buy this one soon if you want it for December 1 since it ships from England.)


DIY Edible Advent Calendars

This spiced, iced cookie advent calendar is a great DIY project with the kids | Butter Hearts Sugar

Whip out your Christmas cookie cutters to make this DIY Spiced Sugar Cookie Advent Calendar at Butter Hearts Sugar (also at to). Or do what I would: Take this photo to your local bakery and ask them to make the cookies for you. Because there’s no way my piping could ever look that good.


An easy Oreo cookie ball advent calendar that the kids will surely love | A Subtle Revelry

If you have several kids who all want their fair share of advent treats, save money and skip the store-bought advent calendars for this fun Oreo Cookie Ball Advent Calendar at A Subtle Revelry. You’ll probably need to set them out a few days at a time and keep the rest in the freezer. That is, if you don’t eat them all in the first couple days.


This very simple gingerbread angel cookie advent calendar is a lovely DIY way to count down to Christmas | Bob the Baker

The holidays should be about slowing down, being with family, and enjoying the season, which is why I think simple is often the best. This gingerbread angel advent calendar at Bob the Chef is just that: simple and so pretty.


This DIY gingerbread ornament calendar make a simpel DIY advent calendar | Wistfully CountryI love this inspiration for cookie ornaments with the days of the month stamped on them at Wistfully Country. These are totally do-able, even with the kids. They didn’t share their recipe, but I think this would be a great twist on Bob the Baker’s recipe (above) if you want a variation on his angel-shaped cookies.

Grownup Advent Calendars

New District's wine advent calendar is a splurge, but so clever. A great early Christmas gift for the wine lover in your life.

This wine advent calendar from New District is a serious splurge, but if you have a wine fanatic in your life it might be a perfect early Christmas gift. Of course, you could also DIY your own version of this, perhaps with a bottle for each week of advent instead of each day, that is, if you want a more cost-effective option.

Whisky Advent Calendar from Makers of Malt: One way to countdown with holiday cheer!

The whisky advent calendar at Master of Malt (and their other versions, for almost every type of liquor you’d want, from absinthe to tequila) is pretty awesome. Even if you don’t drink yours every day, they’d be fun to have on hand at the bar for your Christmas parties. That said, if you’re a real connoisseur, try their Old & Rare Whiskey Advent Calendar. It’s a mere $1040. Whoa.