Every year there is a Christmas tradition at which I totally fail: making cookies for Santa. I never think about a treat for the big guy until my kids happily exclaim, “Let’s make cookies for Santa!” on Christmas Eve night. Sigh. Instead of doing what I’ve done in the past (give Santa fortune cookies from our Christmas Eve takeout), this year I’ve prepared by finding 5 easy cookie recipes for Santa.

These recipes are made with a short list of ingredients, are easy to whip up with kids, and are cute, too. Because why not? They will make you seem like the best parent ever, and I can guarantee they’re tastier than fortune cookies. Which works out for you in the end.

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How much fun will the kids have making these Reindeer Cookies for Santa? Love! | Like Mother, Like Daughter

These insanely cute Reindeer Cookies (above & top) at Like Mother, Like Daughter use cake mix for the cookie, making them a snap for kids to whip up. And how fun for them to make these faces with store-bought goodies. Perfect!


Flourless Hot Cocoa Cookies are the perfect last-minute cookie recipe for Santa (or, really, anyone at anytime!) | French Press

I love these Flourless Hot Cocoa Cookies at French Press because they have a short and simple ingredients list, making them perfect for last-minute baking. Plus, they’re like hot cocoa on a plate. Santa is going to love these.


With only 3 ingredients, these Candy Cane Pretzel Buttons are an easy cookie recipe for Santa that you can make even at the last minute | Nutmeg Nanny

Okay, so the Candy Cane Pretzel Buttons at Nutmeg Nanny aren’t technically cookies, but I’m pretty sure that Santa won’t care. These adorable treats only use 3 ingredients and come together lickety split.

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You know a recipe qualifies as an easy cookie recipe for Santa when the kids don't even need your help to make them, like these Simple Snowman Cookies | It's Yummi

Get out your edible markers and start coloring! These Simple Snowman Cookies at It’s Yummi are about as easy and fun as cookie-making gets. Honestly, the kids won’t even need you for this recipe.


These easy Candy Cane Cookies make a great last minute cookie recipe for Santa | Barbara Bakes

The Candy Cane Cookies at Barbara Bakes are festive, fun, and delicious. Made out of tasty shortbread, the dough is not difficult to make and can even be spruced up with a bit of lemon and cherry if you’re feeling adventurous (and have lemon and cherry on hand). Plus, you don’t even have to make the frosting. You’re welcome.