I’m all for a good joke, but it’s taken until now—when my boys have grown to six- and nine-years-old—to fully appreciate April Fool’s Day prank recipes. Because when your precious little babies or toddlers reach an age when singing pop songs, refusing kisses in public, and championship-level eye rolling are the norm, we deserve to get ’em good every once and while. And what more innocuous—but still hilarious—way than by fooling them at the table.

So, if you’re looking to trade mealtime drama for a few laughs this April 1st, give one of these prank recipes a try. And no feeling bad: A family who laughs together, stays together. (Plus, they’d do it to you in a second if they could!)


This fake out using grapes wrapped in candy wrappers at Love Wednesday (above) is my favorite. Hopefully you still have leftover Easter candy, but if not, maybe grab a fresh bag of chocolates at the market? If you’ve just celebrated Easter, I know it’s painful to even think about buying more candy, but this prank is so worth it. Well, as long as you don’t have a kid who will freak out in disappointment.


It may look like you can take a sip, but this April Fool's Day prank recipe is undrinkable juice. So fun and easy to make! | Parenting

Grab a box of Jell-O to make this undrinkable juice cup at Parenting. I love this one because it looks so real. And even better, my kids rarely get juice (at least any variety in this color), so I plan to set it up as a special treat. I won’t even get a mean mommy award since Jell-O is a special treat. A win-win.


Turn English Muffins into an easy April Fool's Day prank recipe that look like donuts. Such a clever and simple way to start the day on April 1st. | Hello Wonderful

Okay, these English Muffin Donuts are a little bit mean. At least, as a die-hard donut lover, I think so. But maybe the fact that breakfast comes with sprinkles will bring some solace? Plus, these are just so cute! The recipe at Hello Wonderful suggests artificial food coloring, but you can also get that pretty pink color by blending strawberries into cream cheese, like in this recipe for Strawberry Cream Cheese at Creme de la Crumb.


These brownies baked in egg shells take a little work, but they are such a great April Fool's Day prank recipe. Present

These brownies baked in egg shells at La Receta de la Felicidad are the opposite of those English Muffin Donuts (though more hard work). How fun to put out what look like hard boiled eggs for breakfast, but are actually brownies! Now that’s a fun way to start the day. The recipe is in Spanish, but there is a handy English button at the very top of the post that translates the whole page for you. So handy!


This tutorial on how to bake sugar cookies to look like ice cream cones is genius! It makes a great April Fool's Day prank recipe and also a fun birthday party treat. | Tikkido

This tutorial on how to make sugar cookies look like ice cream cones at Tikkido is pretty amazing, because who knew you could bake cookies without the dough spreading? (Not me!) Definitely check this out since it also doubles as a great birthday party recipe.


You'll never guess what this Faux Cheese Plate is made with! (Hint: All stuff easy to grab at the market.) This is such a fun April Fool's Day prank recipe. | Parents

I don’t know how likely this faux cheese plate is to trick the kids once they get up close, but it sure is cute and clever. Hop on over to Parents to see what these really are. Hint: You can easily get everything you need at the supermarket. This one is so easy, and the kids will be psyched.


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