We’re not exactly new to this parenting thing, and over the years we’ve seen all kinds of dinnerware for kids that is supposed to make our lives easier. (Read, less messy.) But we recently discovered EZPZ placemats and, you guys, these are a game changer for real. They are all-in-one bowls/placemats that suction to the table so your kid can’t knock their bowl to the floor. C’mon, now: That’s brilliant.

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Each EZPZ mat is made from 100% silicone with no BPA, phthalates, or PVC. They are bacteria-resistant. And, maybe most importantly, they can go directly into the dishwasher. Whoo!

Not to mention, the super cute, happy designs (think smiley faces and flowers) make it easy to present healthy food in a fun way. I mean, what toddler could resist that lion made from peppers and carrots?

EZPZ mats not only help keep mealtime with babies and toddlers neat, they can also help make healthy eating fun! | Cool Mom Eats

EZPZ mats not only help keep mealtime with babies and toddlers neat, they can also help make healthy eating fun! | Cool Mom Eats

Something to keep in mind, though, is if your toddler is determined to make a mess, they may figure out how to flip their EZPZ mat on their own. (Not to mention scoop food right out of it and onto the floor; no mat can help with that.)

In fact, that’s the number one complaint on most reviews, which isn’t so much about the mat as it is the determination of 18-month-olds. They’re serious business. But for beginner eaters and older (or neater?) kids who aren’t going to be preoccupied with showing this mat who’s boss, I think the EZPZ mat will work well.


When your kids outgrow the need for silicon mats to stay neat at mealtime, they can still use their EZPZ mat while playing legos, making rainbow loom bracelets and even painting | Cool Mom Eats

I really like this though: when kids grow out of the messy finger-foods stage and would rather prove you wrong than their placemat, EZPZ mats can still super useful. Individual cookie decorating stations and other messy kitchen projects are one smart use, but you can also use your EZPZ mat to keep loom bands organized while you make a bracelet, organize LEGOs by color while you build, or even fill the bowl with paint while you work on an art project. So, yea, these clever placemats are solidly in the “I wish they had these when my kids were little” category.

Visit our affiliate Amazon to find EZPZ mats from $19.99 to a mini mat, to$24.99 for the original EZPZ Happy Mat . You can also learn more at the EZPZ mats website. Just make sure that the dimensions fit your surface or highchair tray, as it needs to lie completely flat in order to stick.