When you’re a new parent, getting a baby started on solids is one of those exciting and often intimidating milestones. Being sure you have the right gear is a good start — and high chairs are often the first place you turn. I used to think that all high chairs were pretty much the same (and actually they used to be), but then I had the chance to try out the brand new magnetic high chair from 4moms.

Now I’ve seen the light.

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You know that bend-over move you have to do to make sure a high chair tray slides in correctly — all while you’ve got a hungry baby playing the drums on your head with her silicone spoon? Well if you don’t, you’re lucky. If you do, you can wave bye-bye to that now, because the 4moms high chair uses magnets to effortlessly attach the tray. In fact it practically attaches itself.

But that’s not all: They’ve also added magnets to the top of the tray and to the bottom of their collection of baby plates and utensils, lessening the likelihood that your child will be able to toss her food onto the floor.

Of course I’m sure really determined babies will still figure out how to make a mess, but anything that reduces my odds of having to mop the floor after every meal is a win in my mind.


Clean up messes more easily with the removable tray on the new 4moms high chair. | Cool Mom Eats

Of course, I shouldn’t be too surprised that 4moms would come out with an innovative way to seat our babies while they eat. They’re the ones who reinvented the baby bouncer, and went on to create the power folding stroller that charges our cell phones. Yes, really.

This company thinks smart about what moms and dads really want and need from their products, and that makes them worth the higher-than-average price tag.

This high chair starts at $299.00. I know. Not cheap.

That said, this chair will last you a long time. It will hold a child up to 60 lbs, which in my estimation is somewhere around second grade. A little too old to still be using a high chair. But since you can drop the seat down to three different height positions—one as low as a normal dining chair—and remove that 5-point harness, this might be a chair your child can reasonably keep using until she literally doesn’t fit anymore. No more magnetic tray required.

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The brand new high chair from 4moms uses magnets to keep bowls from spilling. Yay for less dinnertime stress. | Cool Mom Eats

Magnetic dinnerware stays in its place with the new 4moms high chair. | Cool Mom Eats

And of course there’s always that option of keeping it for the second and third child and beyond. Hey, one less new piece of gear to buy when your family is growing is a huge benefit. I know from which I speak.

You can find the brand new 4moms magnetic high chair, which comes with a large dinner bowl, and the rest of the magnetic dinnerware collection at our affiliate Amazon or visit the the 4moms website  for more info. Cheers to less stress and fewer messes at dinnertime! And thank you 4moms, for sending us a sample for consideration.