We’ve seen cookie cutters and cake pans in the shapes of unicorns, Minecraft characters, Minons, ninjas, Santa Claus ninjas (really), and everything pop culture-y in between. But if none of those quite fit the bill for your own brood, you have to check out this Shape and Bake Kit which lets you configure the stainless steel edges to create up to 35 different shapes, including a rainbow. Because, rainbow cakes.

What an awesome cheat if you don’t have it in you to whip up that fancy rainbow layer cake that all the cool bakers are making these days.

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Little-known fact: My first job at 16 was the cake decorator at Carvel. This is where I learned that a Fudgie the Whale Cake could also be a Santa face, a wreathe, or an electric guitar, depending how you turned it. In other words, the sky’s the limit with a kit like this one. We imagine your kids will have a few ideas you never even considered.

Though they may be really happy just sticking with the rainbow.

Find the Shape and Bake Kit for making rainbow cakes and more at BakeAnyShape.com.