You may already know her for the accessible, delicious recipes in her four cookbooks. Or for her super inspiring charitable work at Good Plus, where she’s the acting Madame Prez. However you know her, we’re big fans of Jessica Seinfeld and all that she brings to the table, food and otherwise. So we’re extremely excited to announce her new food site,, which brings the same effortless sensibility from her cookbooks to the interwebs. And for free, which we’re not mad at.

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Love the colors on this Fall 3 Ways toast recipe at So yummy!

Fall 3 Ways | Jessica Seinfeld

This Paella with Chorizo and Sugar Snap Peas is table-ready in a cool 35 minutes. |

Paella with Chorizo | Jessica Seinfeld

After some serious browsing, I did not find a single recipe that required over an hour of cook time (three cheers for that!), or a recipe that didn’t look totally delicious. Plus, Jessica’s recipes tend to fall into the healthy category without being so low-cal and cruciferous-filled that kids won’t be into them. In other words, she gets us.

The site is easy to search—just plug in what you feel like eating or search by category—and find delicious recipes like a super quick version of Paella with Chorizo or Fall 3 Ways, bruschetta topped with fall veggies that will go over way better than salad, because bread and cheese. And every recipe has step-by-step photos that will help you make sure you’ve got everything covered.

Check out for even more exceptional breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas—snacks, too, of course, because, like we said, she gets us.