Once I clear my Thanksgiving dinner table, and way before my turkey leftovers are gone, I haul out the holly and get our Advent calendar ready to start the countdown to Christmas. There are countless food-free Advent calendars, but to many people, including me, Advent calendars = chocolate. And while there are plenty of chocolate-filled options, too, many are off limits for families with food allergies. Bah Humbug!

But, you’d better not pout! I found four Advent calendars filled with delicious, allergen-free chocolate so that you and your kids can take part in the Advent festivities without worrying about food allergies. Plus, they are all under $25!

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Before we get to the calendars: On occasion, the list of ingredients in a food product or the manufacturing facility can change, so please make sure to check the website and/or packaging carefully each time you make a purchase to be sure that it’s safe for your kids.

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Amanda's Own Confections a dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free, egg free, gluten free advent calendar!

Amanda’s Own Confections offers a dairy-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free, egg-free, and gluten-free Advent calendar, making it perfect for many families. From December first through Christmas Day, open a little door and find a piece of chocolate adorned with a holiday picture. On Christmas Day, a big chocolate Santa awaits!


Vermont Nut Free makes a delicious milk or dark chocolate nut free advent calendar.

Vermont Nut Free, one of my personal favorite chocolate makers (allergen-free or not), offers peanut- and nut-free Advent calendars with either dark or milk chocolate in a cute winter scene and snowman design. You’ll get 24 individually wrapped chocolates to enjoy from the first of the month through Christmas Day.

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No Whey Foods offers a cute advent calendar free of all major allergens. It's vegan too!

No Whey Foods offers a really cute Advent calendar that is made with all natural ingredients and is free of the eight most common food allergens—including gluten and sesame—making them a great choice for all kids. Open a new door each day to enjoy a holiday themed solid “milk-like” chocolate.


Moo Free makes a dairy- and gluten-free chocolate advent calendar.

Moo Free, a dairy-free chocolate company based in the UK, offers an Advent calendar with dairy-, lactose-, gluten-, wheat-, egg-, and casein-free chocolate made with rice milk. It’s important to note that some of the chocolates contain hazelnuts, so they should all be avoided, due to the potential for cross contamination, if you’re looking for a truly nut-free option. Even sweeter, the calendars are made using organic and ethically sourced ingredients wrapped in fun, environmentally friendly packaging.