You guys, we just learned about a big mistake that we’ve all been making at Trader Joe’s: spending money on new products without tasting them first. That’s right, though not new, Trader Joe’s has a new-to-us try before you buy policy that allows you to sample many of their products before you drop cold hard cash on them.


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We were already aware of their generous return policy — you can pretty much return anything that you don’t like, even if you’ve opened it — but we had no idea that you could give many of their products a test run in the store.


Did you know about this crazy Trader Joe's policy? We've been shopping there all wrong! | Cool Mom Eats

Of course, there are a few product categories that don’t apply, because they aren’t about to cook you up a plate of pasta. Those include any foods that need to be prepared (see pasta example, box mixes, frozen foods that need to be cooked, etc), and booze. But prepared foods, cheeses, snacks, and more are all on the menu.

Which means that I can finally stop debating these Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets that my kids have been begging for.