Between school lunch and after-school snacks that are often loaded in sugar, it can be challenging to find goodies your kids will love that aren’t super sweet. If you’re trying to ease up on your kid’s sugar intake, this helpful round-up of easy snacks that have no added sugar might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

These snack recipes won’t take you long to whip up, and bonus: there’s no added sugar. And if your kids prefer to drink their calories, check out these low sugar smoothie recipes too. Either way, you can feel good about your kids eating lots without having to worry about a sugar crash later.

Oh, and if you have babies or toddlers who aren’t in school yet — but who do seem to snack all day long — check out these low sugar baby cookie recipes. You might find some low sugar snacks for yourself there too.

Image: Cinnamon sweet potato fries | Weelicious