Last week, Oreo Cadbury Eggs set the internet ablaze, and then, whomp whomp, those of us in the United States realized that they are only available in Canada and the United Kingdom. If you’re American and were already considering an exodus to our neighbor to the north (heh), I’d say this is the last straw: Farewell, friend. But if you plan on sticking around, we have good news: Oreo Eggs are real and will be sold in the United States.


(Top image courtesy of Oreo)

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According to Thrillist (and many other sources), a spokesperson at Oreo confirmed that they will be launching a chocolate candy egg filled with cookie-spiked creme in mid-February. You should know that it’s an Oreo product, though, not made in partnership with Cadbury. Sorry, die-hard Cadbury fans.

I, for one, have never been a huge fan of Cadbury eggs — yup, I said it — so as a fan of Oreos, the finest cookie in the world, I’m just fine with this candy coming from my favorite cookie-maker. I mean, who can make an Oreo product better than the people who make Oreos? It’s going to be goooooood, people. I just know it.


They're real: Oreo Cadbury Eggs... but they aren't available everywhere. Fear not, though, Oreo Eggs are ALSO real and coming to the States mid-February. Woot!

If you disagree, there’s always Amazon. It seems you can get a bag of Cadbury Mini Oreo Eggs from shops like Nosh London, though order now, because it may take several weeks due to international shipping.

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