Getting my entire family to the movies is a rare occurrence. When you add up six tickets plus the expensive snacks, it’s nearly the same price as my husband and I going away for the weekend — alone. That’s why I’m loving these DIY movie theater candy recipes to make movie nights at home feel as special as going to the theater. And way more affordable too.

I plan on giving them a try this weekend, because they also make great movie-themed treats for Oscars viewing. Just saying.

Top: DIY Junior Mints | photo by James Ransom for Food52

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I’m not trying to pick any fights, but the only movie theater candy worth buying is Junior Mints. That is, if buying them is your only option. Thanks to our friends at Food52, though, it’s not. This recipe for DIY Junior Mints (above) allows you to make the creamy, minty chocolates at home in a way that’s more cost effective — the recipe yields around 90 mints, which is way more than I got in my last box at the theater — and is all natural too.


DIY movie theater candy recipes: Homemade Kit Kat Bars | A Beautiful Mess

Photo by Emma Chapman for A Beautiful Mess

Alright, fine: While I enjoy my Junior Mints, you can enjoy your DIY Kit Kats. This recipe for Homemade Kit Kat Bars at Serious Eats looks killer, and not all that complicated for a kitchen project. But make no mistake: a kitchen project it is. While I think that it’s worth it, these DIY Kit Kat Bars at A Beautiful Mess (pictured) are way easier thanks to a brilliant shortcut, and they look like they’ll be pretty delicious too. Because how could they not be with those ingredients?


DIY movie theater candy recipes: Homemade Snickers | I Heart Naptime

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of Jaimelyn at I Heart Naptime. The I Heart Naptime cookbook is among my favorites and now this recipe for Homemade Snickers. Whoa! It looks so good, you guys. I might even trade a few of my Junior Mints for a bite…or two.

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DIY movie theater candy recipes: From-scratch gummy bears at Desserts with Benefits

When given an option, my kids always opt for gummy candies, so this DIY Gummy Bear recipe at Desserts with Benefits has earned my attention. If you don’t have the bear molds, pour the liquid into bendable drinking straws to make gummy worms instead. (Tightly pack a bunch of straws into a mason jar so that they remain upright as the liquid cools and solidifies.)

For those of you who prefer Sour Patch Kids, roll the finished gummy candies in a mixture of 1/2 cup sugar and 1 teaspoon of citric acid for that tart coating you’re craving.


DIY movie theater snack recipes: Flavored popcorn at The Weekend Collective

Okay, it’s not candy, but you have to have movie-theater popcorn while watching a movie — no matter where the viewing. I love this popcorn recipe at The Weekend Collective because it offers a handful of variations for interesting flavors besides butter. If your metric is a bit rusty, know that 100g of popcorn is about 1/3 cup.

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