If you’re a person of a certain age, an early 90’s hip hop fan, or like me, both, you’ve enjoyed your share of forties. Okay, enjoyed might not be quite the right word to describe the feeling of drinking 40 ounces of cheap malt liquor, but what can I say, I have fond memories of those times despite the fact that you couldn’t pay me any amount of money to sip Old English ever again.


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Forty Ounce Wines has improved on our nostalgia and made 40-something-year-old life better by filling 4o ounce bottles with rose and muscadet wines produced in the Loire Valley by French winemaker Julien Braud, a hip, young winemaker who’s building a reputation for his organically grown grapes.

And the best part? These forty ounce bottles of wine are actually practical, especially for spring and summer gatherings. Each bottle is around $16 a pop and contains almost double the amount in a standard-sized bottle of wine. A deal you don’t have to conceal in a brown paper bag.

Another thing this old lady can’t resist!

Find a liquor store near you that carries Forty Ounce Wines as soon as you can — they’ve only made 1,200 cases and I have a feeling they’ll go fast.