Happy Thanksgiving, cool moms… and dads and caregivers and all the rest! This year, this image really spoke to us. And not just because we love everything that @pastrywithjenn makes (she’s on Instagram and you should follow her stat) OR that the sound of a Chai Masala Pumpkin Pie sounds AMAZING. While both of those things are true, this year especially, it’s the sentiment that spoke to us.

We’ll be there for you — it’s what we’re passionate about! — but we also hope that after a very challenging year of divided opinions and drawn lines, we can all adopt more of an I’ll be there for you attitude.



This year, we’re hoping that despite differences, we can all do a better job of being there for each other. Including our indigenous peoples, for whom today is a somber day. Hey, maybe we can even challenge ourselves to be there for people who challenge us most. It might just be the thing we need to remember that, in the end, love is love, people are people, and we all want the same connection and meaning in our lives. That kind of togetherness is something we can be thankful for on any day and no matter what Thanksgiving means to you.

From your friends on the Cool Mom Eats team.