As parents, we all have something in common: Kids who have to eat. Like, all the time. Every day, even. And that means that we have to cook. So we here at Cool Mom HQ are super excited to introduce a fantastic new resource: our Recipe Rescue Facebook group that’s all about helping each other out in the kitchen.

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Sure, we love being kitchen experts who think about cooking and feeding through a parent lens, but as parents first, we know that no single expert’s advice (yes, even our own) is as helpful as what you can get from the parent mind hive. Because it’s conversation and what we come up with together that’s always most helpful.

So, whether you love to cook or would rather order take-out every night, join us and let’s talk food, cooking, feeding, picky eaters, and yes, even ordering in. Ask your food questions, share your favorite recipes, and join in the conversation about all things related to feeding kids of all ages — and feeding yourself too.

Seriously: come join us now, and be sure to invite your friends too. Because we parents can use all the help we can get.