This week at the NY NOW gift show, I discovered so many super creative kitchen and cooking gifts that I can’t wait to share. But the Vinglacé wine chiller is the one that really stands out in my mind.

Invented by cool Austin mom Alyson Haas, it’s a portable, durable, vacuum insulated bottle chiller. Just unscrew the top, pop in a bottle of wine or champagne, and — here’s the kicker — without even having to chill the Vinglacé,  it will keep your red or white or bubbly at temperature for hours.

It’s so awesome for dining al fresco, spring and summer picnics, keeping on the coffee table you’re Netflix-ing in the living room, or just for serving vino at dinner without the mess and drip of an old-fashioned ice bucket.

Vinglacé wine sleeve keeps whites, reds, and bubblies at the perfect temperature without even having to chill the sleeve!

From what I’ve seen, it definitely works better than a classic marble or terra cotta wine cooler sleeve as far as maintaining temperature, and I love that it’s attractive enough to keep right at the table.

One other nice thing: Alyson is a strong, amazing, breast cancer survivor and is donating a portion of all sales toward breast cancer research. So she doesn’t only have a great mind, she has a really great heart.

That’s the kind of company we love supporting.

Shop the Vinglacé wine chiller on their site in lots of colors including stainless steel, and coming soon, a really pretty mint!