We don’t need to tell you how much we love food here at Cool Mom Eats. So when we discovered the Delicacies Jewelry collection online, we had to share.

Delicacies is a lovely jewelry collection of food ingredient charms with a meaningful twist created by food-loving mom Nicolle Nelson. Not only does a portion of every sale go to a nonprofit organization that fights hunger and food insecurity, but each featured ingredient also comes with its own “ingredient mythology.”  Did you know, for example, that avocado promotes “beauty, fertility, love, and passion” or that lobster represents “perseverance, protection, renewal, and strength?”

Cool, right?

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On the Delicacies site, you choose your favorite ingredient by perusing the many available options or by selecting what you’d like your ingredient to represent, from beauty to passion to renewal in the Meaning and Lore Finder. Or, even more fun, take the online quiz to help you find your spirit ingredient. I discovered that mine is avocado, which doesn’t surprise me — I love them.

Once you’ve chosen which ingredient is right for you, you can select how to wear it, on either a bracelet or a necklace.


Delicacies food-inspired jewelry perfect for your favorite gourmet: Bracelets come in several colors and think or thick cut leather straps | Cool Mom Eats

Bracelets come in two options ranging from $60-85: the Delicacies line, which features a thin leather strap that you can choose in one of four colors, or the Thick Cuts line, which features a thick leather strap available in three colors.


Delicacies Jewelry pendants: fab jewelry for the food lover in your life | Cool Mom Eats

Pendants come in many options, from more affordable sterling silver ($60) to extremely splurgey white gold pave ($1,300), and choices like yellow gold with a single diamond ($300) in between.

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Delicacies jewelry: Gorgeous food inspired bracelets and pendants, has launched a new "al dente" line of pasta necklaces in sterling silver, gold and gold with diamonds. Because Farfalle necklaces for the win! | Cool Mom Eats

For pasta lovers, Delicacies also offers a full line of pasta-shaped pendants — cleverly called their Al Dente line — that come in sterling silver, gold, and gold with diamonds ($99-980). And if you ask me, it doesn’t get cuter than a Farfalle necklace.

Whether you purchase Delicacies for yourself or for your favorite foodie, we think these fun pieces make a great gift for someone special.


See the entire Delicacies collection and discover your “spirit ingredient” on their website.