St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, as in, not much time left to plan elaborate crafts or activities. And, really, even if there was more time, I’m not down with elaborate crafts or activities. However, I can get behind these easy, edible St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids. Because, it’s basically creative snack time. Right?

So, sit the kids down with some tasty supplies and let them get artsy while you take a few minutes to relax and then share in their delicious handiwork. Because, clean up is coming.

Top: Pot of Gold Pretzels | Crayons and Cravings

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Edible St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids: Edible paint at The Decorated Cookie

If you have toddlers who love to put their fingers in their mouths as they create, this recipe for Edible Marshmallow Paint at The Decorated Cookie is a safe — although, sugar-filled — way to let them finger paint. If you have older kids, they’ll enjoy painting cookies with St. Paddy’s Day themes. They can start by baking up our easy homemade sugar cookies or grab some at the market.


Edible St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids: Pot of Gold pretzels at Crayons and Cravings

Rolos are my love-language, so I’m all about this Pot of Gold Pretzels craft at Crayons and Cravings. I’d have the ingredients set out when the kids get home from school, so that they can starting making (and eating) them right away. Hint: these are also great if you’re in charge of bringing a snack for the class party, since they’re nut free and super-clever.


Edible St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids: Rainbow Bingo at Bugaboo City

Warning: this Rainbow Bingo game at Bugaboo City could go on forever, because your kids just might keep eating the game pieces. But seriously, I love how fun, educational, and tasty this idea is.

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With way less sugar than the pot of gold pretzels above, these Shamrock Pops at Mom Advice are easy enough for kids to make on their own with minimal supervision, and they’re a fun snack for the holiday.


Edible St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids: One-Ingredient Rainbow Bread at Hello, Wonderful

Does it get easier than a one-ingredient recipe? I’d say, no. That’s why this One-Ingredient Rainbow Pull-Apart Bread at Hello, Wonderful is on my list. Plus, it’s fun and festive without being an explosion of sugar. Because, that crash is coming.


Edible St. Patrick's Day crafts for kids: Rainbow Butter Mints at Club Crafted

Mmmm, butter mints are so yummy, and my tweens would love making their own using this easy Rainbow Butter Mints tutorial at Club Crafted. Though they are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, they are honestly the kind of fun edible craft that I can imagine them making over and over all year long. Because, how pretty are they? Hey, no complaints here.