Busy parents, the answer to your dinner woes is here. Because as the designated family cook, OMG, when I saw the new Suvie kitchen robot my first thought was: How can I get my hands on one of those? 

Full disclosure, I haven’t gotten my hands on one yet. But I had to share this anyway, because geez, this would make life so much easier during the witching hour when you’re trying to juggle toddler meltdowns and middle school homework and screen time management and dinner prep all at once.

Who knew that instead, we could just be relaxing in a bubble bath and eating chocolate?

(No, not really.)

Here’s what this high-tech kitchen appliance does, and why I’m wondering whether it’s the best thing ever…or more “bow down to your new robot overlords.”

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Meal prep is effortless with the Suvie kitchen robot. But is that a good thing?

You may recall the Terra’s Kitchen meal kits meal kits we recommended earlier this year; they ensure that everything is proportioned and that it all arrives in its own little mini fridge. Well the Suvie kitchen robot takes that concept to the next level.

To start, you’ll pick from among 10,000 custom meal options (seriously, whoa) that can each feed up to five people, and choose the ones you want delivered to your home each week.

In the morning you’ll add the packaged ingredients for the night’s meal in your Suvie. Scan the label on the package (so it knows what it’s cooking) then set the time you want dinner ready, and it will know when to switch from “refrigerate” mode to “cook” mode.

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It looks like the Suvie is able to simultaneously prepare one raw protein, one fresh vegetable, one dry starch (like pasta or rice) and one sauce, in each of four separate cooking zones. That means the flavors and temperatures don’t blend.

You can even include your own fresh ingredients, which would probably save you a ton of money and a lot of packaging waste, but might be more complicated to program.

Just think about the result though: when you get home from work or errands or your day at the spa (just kidding), your family’s dinner will be entirely ready.

All you have to do is take the cooked ingredients out of the Suvie and serve them.


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In one way, this feels like my best possible future; relaxing with my children while dinner cooks in a utopian world of robot kitchen servents.

In another way though, it feels a little Brave New World. I admit I am worried about completely removing any thoughtfulness from the process of what I select and serve to my family. I’m not entirely sure if the food will come out delicious or you know…institutional. And while I don’t exclusively shop at farmer’s markets and we eat our fair share of packaged or processed foods, I still want there to be some personal involvement with the foods we choose, prepare and consume.

And then of course, there’s the price.

As in, the Suvie kitchen robot is not cheap.

The machine itself is over $500 and the Suvie kitchen robot meals will run you about $10-12 per serving. At that price, with my family of six, I might be able to afford to pay a real human chef to help us out in the kitchen.

But still, cool kitchen tech deserves some discussion, right? And I’m curious to see if this thing takes off.

Is it the future of family cooking? You’ll have to tell me.

If you’re an early adopter type, pre-order your Suvie now at Suvie.com and get 50% off your first meal delivery.