There are so many baby gifts to encourage kids to be future scientists, future coders, future activists… we think future foodies is a perfectly reasonable option too!

After all, chefs have kids, food lovers have kids, and then there are those women who I’ve simply bonded with over avocados and bubble tea, sushi or good coffee. And when they’re ready to have babies, these are the must-have foodie baby gifts that I’ll be bringing to their showers.

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Foodie baby shower gifts: Avocado Toast onesie at Plant Love Boutique

If avocado toast is life for you, then you’re going to want — scratch that, need — this adorable Avocado Toast onesie at Plant Love Boutique for your next baby shower gift. So yummy. Also available in black, at top.

Foodie baby gifts: Oli & Carol kale teether | cool mom eats

Kale isn’t letting go of the limelight so fast. This hilarious Oli and Carol kale teether looks remarkably like an actual piece of kale. If you want comments from random strangers, this is the teether for you — or check out all of their other fun foodie designs including broccoli, avocado, bananas, and watermelon. Just be sure you don’t toss this kale in the trash during your dinner cleanup.



Foodie baby shower gifts: coffee muslin swaddler at Modern Burlap

You know new moms need coffee their first choice — sleep — is not going to happen. I think this coffee takeout muslin swaddle blanket from Modern Burlap strikes that rare balance of totally adorable, really witty, and absolutely practical.

Sushi roll baby mocs by Freshly Picked | foodie baby gifts

Taco baby mocs by Freshly Picked | foodie baby gifts

Foodie baby shower gifts: Home Slice shoes at Freshly Picked

Of course these days, you can dress your baby in your favorite food literally from head to toe. (Of course they’ll do that themselves when they start solids, ha.) We can’t resist the foodie baby gifts from among the baby mocassins at Freshly Picked, including sushi rolls baby moccasins, on-trend taco baby moccasins, or classic  pizza slice moccasins. Because in some cities (ahem,


Foodie baby shower gifts: Peach patterned luxury burp cloth at Copper Pearl

If you’re more into the fresh produce of summer than the quick fix of food truck food, check out these pretty luxury peach watercolor burp cloths at Copper Pearl. They would be on my baby shower wish list if I had a new baby coming.

Foodie baby shower gifts: Bubble Tea teether at LouLou Lollipop

We love their unicorn donut teethers (and so do our readers!) but it’s bubble tea’s moment right now. I’m gaga over this Bubble Tea teether from LouLou Lollipop. They have a huge range of amazing foodie gifts for babies, so be sure to click through should you prefer macarons, soft serve cones, or Oreo cookies.


Foodie baby shower gifts: Hot Sauce rattle by Estella

Say you’re invited to Beyoncé’s next baby shower. Or…maybe more likely, you have a friend who just likes spicy food. In that case, you’ll want this Hot Sauce rattle by Estella in your diaper bag this summer. Foodie baby gift on point.