For Cinco de Mayo 2017, Stacie introduced us to her favorite Mexican food bloggers, in part for us to discover great Mexican food recipes right from the source, and in part so those of us non-Mexicans could celebrate the holiday more authentically.

i.e, Not nachos.

This year I wanted to featured a few more Mexican-American food bloggers who have written about the meaning and history of Cinco de Mayo. And of course, the food we eat.

Considering Cinco de Mayo isn’t Mexican Independence Day — a wide misconception — their answers may be different than you think. What a great opportunity for some of us to learn a little more while we cook and celebrate!

Top image: Chicken Tinga | Pati Jinich 

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Mexican food bloggers on Cinco de Mayo: The Mija Chronicles Making Tiyacoyos in Puebla

I love the thoughtful post from Lesley Téllez about what Cinco de Mayo means to her as a Mexican-America and how the holiday has helped her share her culture, and even make new friends at a time she was feeling isolated.Want more?

On her blog, The Mija Chronicles, Lesley also shows off some great photos of the traditional food from Puebla, the city where Cinco de Mayo all started.

Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of the post to see her picture of chiles en nogada, and follow the link to her own recipe for traditional Poblano baroques chiles en nogada so you can try to make them too.


Mexican food bloggers on Cinco de Mayo: Mexico in My Kitchen

In this informative post on Mexico in My Kitchen, the site’s author Mely Martinez shares the little-known history of why Cinco de Mayo is such a big deal in the U.S. Southwest  — and no, it’s not just because it’s closest to Mexico.

Of course, like so many of us, Mely embraces the holiday as a chance to indulge in great Mexican food. So be sure to check out her amazing round-up of traditional Mexican recipes for dishes you can eat on the holiday, like Red Pozole, Sopes Topped with Shredded Beef, and above, Enchiladas Suizas.


Mexican food bloggers on Cinco de Mayo: Pati Jinich

If you share my podcast addiction, I bet you’ll love listening to the history of Cinco de Mayo, as told by the ever-charming and talented Pati Jinich, another Mexican-American food blogger, James Beard-winning cookbook author, and TV host of PBS’s Pati’s Mexican Table.

Her interview is featured on The Splendid Table, one of our very favorite food podcasts. Make sure you follow up by making her divine-looking Chicken Tinga recipe, shown here and above. So good!