Cleaning the grill isn’t a fun task. Prepping a grill can help keep it clean, and my husband apparently knows his stuff. He figured out this hack on his own, but he won’t take credit. All he needs is half a lemon and a little olive oil.

My husband knows how to keep a grill clean, but he won't take credit. | Cool Mom Eats

First of all, I’d like to give my husband props for his mad grilling skills, which he discovered late in life. Grilled food is a family favorite, but I like to cook inside, away from mosquitos, pollen, and all the other things that make the outdoors less than ideal for someone with allergies. (Yes, I’m fun at parties.)

A few years ago, his miraculous talent emerged. Everything he puts on the grill is a deliciously seasoned, perfectly cooked miracle.

And, if you’re wondering, his grill of choice is a basic charcoal Weber, the cheapest one. When he started grilling, he didn’t want to commit to anything expensive, and this one’s still working for him.

Season the grill to keep it clean.

Before anything else, Alex scrapes and brushes for a minute or so with this un-fancy brush that probably came with the grill or some sort of spatula set.

Try this easy hack for keeping the grill clean. | Cool Mom Eats

Next, he cuts a lemon in half, putting the cut side down in a bowl of olive oil.

He uses the other citrus half for his water. (You don’t have to, but he wanted to tell me that since I’ve complained about “people” leaving half-used lemons uncovered in the fridge.)

He keeps dipping the lemon in the olive oil and applying it until the grate is covered.

Try this easy hack for keeping the grill clean. | Cool Mom Eats

That’s it. That’s all he does.

What’s the secret to keeping the grill clean? The lemon is probably acidic enough to get rid of remnants from the last time he grilled and the olive oil keeps the new stuff from sticking.

I actually don’t care how it works. I just want some of that yummy flank steak.

So yes, you’ll have to properly clean your grill eventually, but Alex’s seasoning hack makes maintenance a breeze.

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Want to waste less? Here’s an idea for that extra olive oil.

Though I’ve stayed out of the whole grilling thing, now that I know the secret, I have an idea for that extra olive oil. Next time, I think I’ll take what’s left of the lemon-scented oil and make a salad dressing or use it to roast some vegetables as a side.

How do you keep your grill clean? We’d love your own tips!