Lately I’ve been seeing friends post pictures of their kids’ birthday cakes on Instagram, and they look amazing…and like they cost more than my wedding cake did! I love the ideas of the elaborate number cakes that people are ordering to celebrate a specific year, but even better, I love the idea of making our own!

There’s something so sweet to me about a simple number cake to celebrate each of hose first 9 years…or beyond, if it becomes your tradition.

When we shared the amazing video tutorial by So Yummy for their number 1 through 4 birthday cakes on our Instagram feed, our followers flipped out! So I looked around some more, and I’m thrilled to find out that they have instrucitons for how to cut each number birthday cake all the way from 0 to 9.

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How to cut number cakes for birthdays: The easiest DIY tutorials we've found are at So Yummy

So many other tutorials we’ve seen give you printable number templates to use, but her methods are a huge improvement.

No printing, cutting, then cutting again, then peeling paper off a tacky cake. No printable template at all. Instead, So Yummy offers simple visual cutting diagrams showing you exactly where to cut your cake, then how to assemble each piece into the shape of each number.

You’ll also find a ton of inspiration for wildly creative decorating ideas on the site that even an amateur could DIY at home. I’m a bit obsessed with the 8-year-old race track cake with Hot Wheels shown above, and I absolutely love the idea for a garden-themed #5 cake, complete with gummy worms.

And, of course, the #4 unicorn cake is sure to be a favorite since unicorn themed parties show no sign of disappearing any time soon.

Visit So Yummy to see how to cut number birthday cakes for any age, plus ten creative cake decorating ideas to inspire you. All photos © So Yummy