These clever Game of Thrones desserts are for those of you, like me, fully prepared to be eating my Game of Thrones feelings potentially into the weeks to come.

Maybe you’re tuning into the Game of Thrones series finale after 8 years of die-hard fandom (or longer if you read the books). Maybe you’re still catching up on earlier seasons and you want to save these Game of Thrones recipes for a later date. Maybe you’re throwing a Game of Thrones themed party for some celebration.

Or, maybe you plan on watching the show for the first time tonight, just to see “what all the hype is about” — though I really really don’t recommend it.

But I get it, GoT FOMO is real.

So inspired by the genius Brienne of Tart (ha) that Kate shared in a recent weekly meal plan roundup, I thought I’d track down a few more fabulous dessert options.

While “I eat galettes and I know things” isn’t nearly as pithy as Tyrion’s original statement, it could very well get me through a tough stretch of losing a lot more favorite imaginary characters I’ve grown to love.

Top image: Game of Thrones Dragon Scale cake recipe | So Yummy on instagram

Game of Thrones Desserts: Brienne of Tart

Weekly meal plan: Brienne of Tart galette inspired by Game of Thrones at The Live In Kitchen

Here’s the delightful recipe that started my search: a Lady Brienne of Tart (spoiler alert: That’s Ser Brienne of Tarte to you, friends), which is really a clever spin on a gorgeous  Mixed Berry Galette from The Live-in Kitchen. She describes it as rustic on the outside, gentle on the inside, like the knight herself.

But don’t read too much into the fact that it looks like a combo of the purple Greyjoy flag and the red Targaryen flag. I can safely say there’s no spoiler there.

Game of Thrones Desserts: 3 Cake Decorating Ideas

Game of Thrones Desserts: Fire and Ice Cake video tutorial by So Yummy | More: Cool Mom Eats

Game of Thrones Desserts: Dragon Cake video tutorial by So Yummy | More: Cool Mom Eats

Game of Thrones Desserts: Iron Throne Cake video tutorial by So Yummy | More: Cool Mom Eats

If you’re more of a cake decorator, then one of my favorite Instagram feeds, @SoYummy, has this brilliant video tutorial for decorating three different Game of Thrones cakes. The Fire and Ice Cake is a masterpiece, but requiring the most skills, for sure. (Though just the dragon wings are pretty great.) The Dragon Scales Cake is not made with any dragons, so, good for vegetarians. But the Iron Throne Cake may be the easiest, because it’s mainly a matter of getting that blood-red drippy design and adding your favorite Westeros Throne model to the top.

Find instructions on the @SoYummy IG video — thanks to my daughter who sent it to me. (No, she doesn’t watch GoT, but she knows I do. And I think she wants me to make her a cake.)

Game of Thrones Desserts: Greyscale Cream Puffs

Game of Thrones Desserts: Grey Scale Cream Puffs from the Cooking of Joy | More at Cool Mom Eats

I have never once imagined greyscale as inspiration for a mouthwatering dessert, and so I raise my never-empty stein of Winterfell ale to Joy Huang of The Cooking of Joy, who created these ingenious Greyscale Cream Puffs. It’s a more complex Game of  Thrones dessert to be sure — She adapted the recipe from a classic French cream puff recipe complete with vanilla diplomat cream. But her own clever touch is a craquelin exterior made  with dark cocoa powder.

I mean, they look perfect. Or as perfect as greyscale can look without first removing the top layer and then…well,  you know.

Game of Thrones Desserts: Sansa’s Lemon Cakes

Game of Thrones Desserts: Sansa's Lemon Cakes from Tastemade | More: Cool Mom Eats

According to the George RR Martin books, lemon cakes are Sansa’s favorites. And Sansa is one of our favorites. So how can I resist? This fairly simple recipe for Sansa’s Lemon Cakes can be found in a very helpful, detailed IG video from @Tastemade, along with some savory treats should you want to go all out with Game of Thrones desserts and nibbles.

This idea is so popular, you can find recipes around the web from everyone from Nerdy Nummies host Rosanna Pansano, to the refined editors at Bon Appétit. They suggest “for a dark Sansa version, pour syrup over the cake, then top with black sesame seeds.”

And the tears of her enemies, no doubt.

Game of Thrones Desserts: Ned Stark Cake Pops

Game of Thrones Desserts: Ned Stark cake pops recipe from Pop Sugar | More at Cool Mom Eats

You probably have to dig down deep and channel your inner Joffrey Baratheon to create this brilliant Game of Thrones recipe for Ned Stark Cake Pops written by Michele Foley at Pop Sugar, after her own boyfriend creating them. They’re certainly delicious, with a red velvet base and white chocolate frosting. And yet, disgusting. And yet, hilarious, if you ask me. If you’ve never seen the show before, you’re probably never watching it now. But for the rest of us — aw, such fond 2011 memories. Sean Bean. We hardly knew ye.

Game of Thrones Desserts: Dragon Egg Cookies

Game of Thrones Desserts: Dragon Egg Cookies from Fiction-Foood | More at Cool Mom Eats

How simple and clever are these Dragon Egg Cookies from Fiction-Food! She adapted them from a spicy, peppery cookie recipe from James Thresher, then offers up detailed instructions for getting that gorgeously colorful crosshatch design using food gel a sponge bush and some edible gold spray, if you want them to glisten.


Game of Thrones Desserts: Direwolves Treats

Game of Thrones Desserts: Direwolves Treat Cookies from Taste of Home | More: Cool Mom Eats

I love how Taste of Home repurposed a Halloween recipe and turned it into a perfect Game of Thrones dessert as part of their GoT menu ideas. These Direwolves Treats are basically bone-shaped almond spice cookies (the recipe looks spectacular!), with a chocolate-strawberry dipping sauce.

You could also name them Ramsey’s Hound Treats, if you want to get dark. Just assure your guests that no Boltons were harmed in the making of these cookies.

Game of Thrones Desserts: Limited Edition Oreos

Game of Thrones Desserts: Limited Edition GoT Oreos | More: Cool Mom Eats

I am not beyond grabbing a package of Game of Thrones Oreos, tearing into them like a hungry Direwolf, and eating  mindlessly while I sob into my milk tonight. At least if I can still find them in a local shop. Because the truth is, spring is here and winter has come and gone.