If you’ve been looking for a perfect Mother’s Day gift, you know we’ve always been fans of food subscriptions — you can order right online (no heading to a store, yay!), you can send her something specific she really loves, and best of all, it really is a gift that keeps on giving.

And she’s a coffee drinker (is anyone not a coffee drinker these days?) our sponsor Trade offers personalized coffee subscriptions to her taste from roasters around the country, which make such a fabulous gift idea for any mom in your life.

Or hey, maybe for yourself.  (Can you tell we coffee drinkers are in love with this?)

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A coffee subscription from Trade is so great for Mother's Day, hooking her up with beans customized to her taste from roasters around the country | cool mom eats (sponsor)

It starts with a quiz…

Start by taking a fun quiz at drinktrade.com about your tastes and preferences, your coffee expertise from newbie to coffee nerd, and the kind of machine you’ll use. After all, a French Press devotee would never use the same grind as an espresso machine fan, or someone dabbling in homemade cold brew.

Maybe you want whole beans — maybe you want them ground for you. Trade will hook you up with a totally custom selection from the more than 50 local US roasters they partner with. Select how often you want your subscription and how many bags and…that’s it.

Trade even recommends coffees that will work best based on how you take your coffee — some roasts can be overpowered by milk or sweetener, while others are enhanced by it. (Did you even know that?)

Customizable coffee subscription to your taste and preferences - perfect Mother's Day gift

We like that can order as few as 2 bags in one shipment, or as many as 24 bags delivered at the interval she selects, so she’ll always have fresh beans when she needs them. In fact, all beans are shipped within 24 hours of roasting, and if you’ve ever accidentally bought old coffee from a supermarket (ew, been there), you’ll appreciate that.

So you can see why we love this for Mother’s Day gifts, right? If not for us (hint hint) then definitely for the coffee-drinking grandmas out there. After all, she may appreciate a little help staying up for those late-night Zoom games and FaceTime calls with the grandkids.

Special offer for Cool Mom Eats readers:

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If you’re ordering a single bag or smaller subscription, save 30% off your first bag. And, get free shipping every time!
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Thanks to our sponsor Trade for putting together a genius coffee subscription gift that helps support small roasters around the country.

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