Are you ready for the best frozen cookie dough? Truly, the absolutely 100% best, better than all the rest (sung Tina Turner style), magical, worth-busting-through-my-WW-points, eyes-roll-back-in-your-head cookie dough? Because, my friends, I have found it.

Now when a friend and former colleague says, “hey, I started a business selling blah blah blah out of my kitchen,” honestly, I have learned not to expect a whole lot. But whoa… Brooklyn mom Cheryl Van Ooyen’s Big Dough Ball cookies are a thing to behold.

And because she believes in “baking the change you want to see in the world,” 100% of all the profits through November 3, 2020 are being donated to Swing The Vote 2020, a local effort that’s working 24/7 to help college students register and vote in swing states.

So the way I see it, eating gobs of cookies to help enfranchise young voters is basically doing God’s work.

Okay, so back to the cookies:


The best frozen cookie dough: Homemade bags of deliciousness from Big Dough Ball. Purchases are donating to great causes too, if you order soon!

Big dough balls: the best cookie dough ever, made fresh in BrooklynBefore….

Like so many of us, Cheryl started quarantine baking this past spring, then delivering giant frozen balls of cookie dough to help her friends do the same. The word of mouth was so incredible, she realized she could sell her chewy ginger cookies, chocolate chip,
peanut butter with mini pb cups; browned butter coconut, and oatmeal raisin frozen dough balls, plus some gluten-free versions, and turn it into a business. And so she did.

The balls of dough come pre-packaged and frozen, complete with very specific instructions. (DO NOT OVERBAKE! Sorry to yell but it’s really important.”) If you follow them exactly, you will end up with massive, perfect, thin, satisfying cookies. Each of which could feed a small family.

Or perhaps, a large family of elves who sneak them on their coffee breaks, while making those other subpar cookies in some hollow tree somewhere.

Big Dough Ball Cookie Dough - why this may be the best cookie dough I've ever had. Plus, order now to donate to an amazing cause!Chocolate chip cookies: Yuge, as we say in Brooklyn.


Big dough ball ginger cookies: maybe the best ever ginger cookie doughBig Dough Ball “Gone in 60 Seconds” ginger cookies. (According to my kids.)

Even my picky kids (yes, they are picky when it comes to their sugary treats) were like, “Mom, these are AMAZING!” And then…they were gone. Just like that.

It would even be fun to bake some more, then sell them at your school’s Election Day bake sale, and raise even more money for groups like Swing the Vote.

The one downside: You can currently only order for delivery to Manhattan and Brooklyn. I’m hoping that changes soon. (Goldbelly, you listening?) But on the plus side, delivery is free! So even if you’re not in NYC like me, you can send an order to someone who is.  Like me.

Or even better, sponsor a dozen, and Cheryl will deliver them to food pantries, so families in need can enjoy some homemade baked love too. All while helping democracy.

Order Big Dough Ball cookie dough through this order form or through the @bigdoughball Instagram account with free delivery to Brooklyn and Manhattan. They run $30 for a dozen, or $25/dozen when you order three dozen. Also, know that a dozen Big Dough Balls yields about 3-4 dozen cookies if you were to break them up. But don’t.

Thanks to Big Dough Ball for sending me a little care package to try out. I’ll be ordering more soon.