We’ve always been fans of fun, last-minute Halloween dinner ideas for the kids, and this year more than ever, I think a lot of us need last-minute ideas. ( I’ve gotten a little used to putting things off in 2020, that’s for sure).

So if you need some last-minute Halloween dinner ideas too, we have you covered. Whether you want to go full out with a themed halloween dinner or keeping it a little more simple like the ideas here.

And yes, parents, it’s okay to keep it simple. There’s no winning in Halloween dinner.

At top: Hot Dog Mummies at Beyond the Chicken Coop

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Baked Egg Eyeballs at Toaster Oven Love

Halloween breakfast for dinner? That’s something we’ve never done at our house before, but with these spooky-fun Halloween breakfast for dinner ideas, from savory to very, very sweet, I’m in. I particularly think the Baked Egg Eyeballs Halloween breakfast idea from Toaster Oven Love is incredible. So simple, but so fun.


Last-minute Halloween dinner ideas: Throw a bunch of snacks together, like this incredible snack board at Fork and Beans

Brilliant last-minute dinner hack: snacks!  We have lots of yummy ideas in this post on non-candy snack ideas, from Ritz-cracker spiders to creepy Addams Family apple snacks. And be sure you don’t miss these 8 eerily creative Halloween snack boards, too. This Halloween Snack Board from Fork and Beans is perfectly on theme without requiring a MFA to complete it.


How hilarious are these vegan meatball Eyeball Subs at C It Nutritionally?

A little cream cheese and an olive is all you need to turn a delicious meatball sub into an eyeball sub to really gross your kids out at dinner. But I love this recipe for vegan meatball Eyeball Halloween Dinner Subs at C It Nutritionally. They’re so hearty, your family will be plenty satisfied with beans instead of meat.

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Last-minute Halloween dinner ideas: Mummy Pocket Sandwiches at Twisted Noodle

My kids usually want a quick Halloween dinner so they can get on to the fun stuff, and even if we’re staying home I don’t think this year will be any different. So I might take a cue for an easy last-minute Halloween dinner idea from some of our favorite easy Halloween lunch ideas, like mummy hot dogs and monster sandwiches. And these Ham & Cheese Mummy Pockets at Twisted Noodle do look pretty tasty too.

Halloween dinner ideas: Eyeball Skillet at Strawberry Blondie Kitchen

This Eyeball Skillet recipe t Strawberry Blondie Kitchen has seriously spooky appeal. It’s super-quick because those are store-bought fried mushrooms there; nothing from scratch! You could use store-bought meatballs too, and you probably already have most of the other ingredients in your pantry already for a last-minute Halloween dinner idea that your kids will adore.


I mean, how gross are these Bloody Finger Hot Dog Bites from Travel Cook Tell. Deliciously gross!

For a truly fun and truly last-minute Halloween dinner idea, I dare you to serve these Bloody Finger Hot Dog Bites with a recipe from Travel Cook Tell. They’re so gross! In the best way possible. I rediscovered them in our post on 7 semi-homemade Halloween snack ideas, which include ideas besides hot-dog fingers. Like Bride of Frankenstein guac, for example, should you want something that’s not quite as gross.


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