We’ve always been fans of fun Halloween themed dinners for the entire family, and many of us need those easy, simple last-minute dinner ideas that don’t require a ton of time in the kitchen because there is typically a LOT going on that day. So that’s exactly what we have rounded up here.

But hey – if you want to go full out with a themed halloween dinner we won’t stop you. Either way, just remember that the most important part is just being together.

– This post has been updated for 2022 –

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Easy Mini Halloween Pizzas from Pudge Factor

These Easy Mini Halloween Pizzas from Pudge Factor may actually win Halloween dinner (even though there is really no winning Halloween dinner parents). Rather than using traditional pizza dough, these pizzas are made on flour tortillas. Amazing. Set out all of the ingredients and let your little ghouls design their own Halloween pizza before heading out the door to trick or treat.

Last-minute Halloween dinner ideas: Throw a bunch of snacks together, like this incredible snack board at Fork and Beans

Brilliant last-minute dinner hack: snacks! This Halloween Snack Board from Fork and Beans is perfectly on theme without requiring a MFA to complete it.

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Vegan meatball Eyeball Subs at C It Nutritionally

A little olive is all you need to turn a delicious meatball sub into an eyeball sub to really gross your kids out at dinner. I love this recipe for vegan, gluten free Spooky Black Bean Eyeball Subs at Chelsey Amer Nutrition. They’re so hearty, your family will be equally satisfied and grossed out.

Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese from Cooking with Curls

This Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese from Cooking with Curls is super easy to prep and cook, and the cauliflower gives it a bit more veggie power. I am not crafty enough to even attempt the toxic waste container, but serving it in my black French Onion soup bowls (affiliate) will work.

Eyeball Taco Salad from Taste of Home

My kids love this Eyeball Taco Salad from Taste of Home. It is so simple, and yet so very delicious. My kids (especially my teens) love this dinner. It may have something to do with the nacho flavored tortilla chips. You really don’t need to serve anything along with this one dish meal, and because it is so simple to prepare, you may have time to create a fun Halloween mocktail to really get in the mood.

I mean, how gross are these Bloody Finger Hot Dog Bites from Travel Cook Tell. Deliciously gross!

For more Halloween severed fun, I dare you to serve these easy Bloody Finger Hot Dog Bites from Travel Cook Tell. They’re so gross! In the best way possible.

Making a pot of chili earlier in the day, and then letting your slow cooker do the work is really smart especially when you know your afternoon and evening are going to be extra hectic. With little hot dogs, you can make that chili even spookier with this recipe for Toe Chili from Ghoul at Heart (also you will want to spend some time on this site – it is full of the most creative Halloween ideas!!).

Spooky Halloween Baked Egg Eyeballs from Toaster Oven Love

Halloween breakfast for dinner? Yes and yes. I particularly think the Baked Egg Eyeballs Halloween breakfast idea from Toaster Oven Love is incredible. So simple, but so fun.

Top Image: Photo by Julia Raasch on Unsplash