Well aren’t we just delighted to discover today that in support of public health, Krispy Kreme is offering free original glazed donuts to all fully vaccinated people for the entirety of 2021. Yes, all year! Donuts! Free! All you have to do is show your completed vaccination card. And you know, score a vaccination. So may this gives some states the incentive to pick up the pace a bit so that everyone who wants one can get one? (Talking to you, Utah.)

Oh and you can get one free donut a day every single day if you want.

I think it’s a wonderful idea — not that it will necessarily encourage more people to vaccinate. But it pretty well exemplifies the celebratory spirit so many of us are feeling every time we learn another friend or family member has gotten their shot in the arm.

And as someone who is now fully vaccinated (thanks, co-morbidities!) and who loves donuts, I wholly support this idea. I only wish it had launched last week, when I made my boyfriend pull over to nab a celebratory Dunkin’ glazed for me as soon as we pulled out from the vax site. No offense DD, but I would have traded teams for a freebie.

I will also add that yes, it’s a bit ironic that the makers of a 390-calorie Oreos and Creme Donut is like, “we care about your health!” Maybe the makers of leading tofu brands can jump on the wagon too.

 Image: Krispy Kreme