I’m eagerly awaiting for all the Passover jokes on Twitter like, “You thought 40 years in the desert was rough, try surviving 13 months in a pandemic!” Or something. But hey, unlike the olden times, we can enjoy our unleavened bread deliciously chocolate-covered, so that’s a +1 for 2021.

Of course like all things these days, Passover has completely snuck up on me in 2021. It’s early this year, with the first night on Saturday, March 27. But as with all things in Pandemic Times, my family has learned to celebrate holidays when we can and call that the holiday.  And Passover lends itself to this premise beautifully, considering we actually have until April 4.

So I’ve tracked down lots of delicious, gourmet, chocolate-covered matzo treats that would be amazing gifts for a seder hostess, especially if you can’t be together this year. and they all ship by April 4, if not by the 27 of March.

Okay, I’m kind of justifying, but after you’ve been living on matzoh sandwiches for a whole week, it would be an extra special, much-appreciated surprise to get some gourmet matzo treats at your doorstep in those final days of Passover.

With that, here are a few favorite gourmet chocolate-covered matzo gifts for Passover. Perfect for anyone who’s no longer counting calorie!

Just note: If you’re eating Kosher for Passover, or shopping for someone who is, be sure to double check with the company to see if it’s Certified Kosher for Passover, which is a different designation than those products that are simply Kosher.

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My Favorite Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Matzo for Passover


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Gourmet chocolate matzo for Passover: Chocolate Toffee Matzo from Russ & Daughters

Chocolate Toffee Matzo from Russ & Daughters ($12/box, Goldbelly, also shown above)

Toffee? Matzo? From one of my very favorite NYC food institutions? Sold! In fact, I don’t know if I think of a better reward after a year like the one we’ve had besides, you know, vaccinations. But you can’t send those for Passover.


Gourmet chocolate matzo for Passover: Jacques Torres makes a hazelnut praline chocolate matzoh and wow

Hazelnut-Praline Chocolate-Covered Matzo by Jacques Torres ($14.50/4, Mouth Foods)

Jacques Torres has never once steered me wrong with chocolate-covered anything, and because I’m lucky enough to have one of his shops near me, believe me, I’ve tried them all! But.. not this one. Trust me, I am up for the challenge. But I’m happy to recommend it anyway because, Jacques Torres who happens to be a pretty awesome guy in addition to a brilliant chocolate-maker.


Gourmet chocolate matzo for Passover: The marbleized homemade matzo brittle from Indigo Jones Eats gets raves

Marbleized Chocolate-Covered Matzo Brittle ($18, Indigo Jones Eats)

I’m so excited to find this top-rated, local (to me) NYC treat-creator on Etsy, who gets rave reviews for absolutely all of her novelty treats. Including this chocolate matzo brittle at a sweet price.  Plus you know how we love supporting small, indie businesses.


Gourmet chocolate matzo for Passover: This matzo brittle from cake monkey is better known as matzo crack

Dark Chocolate Matzo Brittle from Cake Monkey ($65/1 lb box with free ship, Goldbelly)

To step up your chocolate-covered matzo game, this brittle looks outrageous. Like, must-eat-whole-box-in-one-sitting outrageous. So maybe this is a good one to send to a family (like mine!) so one person (like me!) isn’t tempted to eat it all themselves. Anything with dark chocolate and sea salt calls my name these days.


Gourmet chocolate matzo for Passover: A box of Milk Chocolate Ungapotchkies from the Matzo Project will make any Bubbe laugh

Gourmet chocolate matzo for Passover: A box of Milk Chocolate Ungapotchkies from the Matzo Project are affordable and yum!

The Matzo Project Milk Chocolate Ungapotchkes ($11/box, Mouth Foods)

From my brilliant friend Ashley Albert of Brooklyn’s The Matzo Project, you’ll get this guaranteed-to-make-you-smile box of deliciously crunchy treats made with salted peanuts, toasted rice, toffee and matzo. I am so happy to have found this, in part because I thought my family was the only one that called everything messy, “ungapotch,” and in part because hey, another cool small local business to support.

These are also available in quite a few  gourmet and specialty stories by the way, so you may be able to pick up a box right in your neighborhood.

Gourmet chocolate matzo for Passover: High end gift boxes from Compartés

Compartés Gourmet Chocolate-Covered Matzo Gift Box ($49.95-89.95,  Compartés, with gluten-free available too!)

Want to go big this Passover? Compartés makes so much fun, creative chocolate so of course they are currently offering an indulgent, high-end chocolate-covered matzo for all your noshing needs. It makes the perfect gift to say “I’m so sorry I can’t make it to your Seder but I’m still social distancing..but go on. You enjoy without me. I’ll just be here alone, making some matzo ball soup from a box. Maybe you’ll call me. Or not. I really don’t want to be any bother…”

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