Guess what: Parties are back! Doesn’t that sound great??

After so many months in quarantine, we’re ready to celebrate, well, just about anything, and I know I want to make these moments extra special — –graduation, birthdays, “we survived remote schooling” (thank you teachers!) — it’s all worth a celebration.

So here’s a cool idea, if you’re planning to mark a milestone or throw a bash. Even if it’s just for a handful of close, vaccinated friends. (Hey, we know that re-entry is hard.)

I’ve found so many cool new personalized party treats that seem like such a cool way to send your guests off. So I’ve put together four of my favorites that you can personalize in different way using photos and text. And unlike those plastic tchotchkes in the usual favor bags, these yummy bites can be enjoyed by anyone with a sweet tooth.

Even if they might feel a little weird biting into a photo of your smiling face.

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Sweet Personalized Party Treats: Sparko Sweets Custom Lollipops

Put their had inside a lollipop for a unique party favor with Sparko Sweets personalized lollipops

Sparko Sweets all-natural custom picture lollipops look almost too cool to eat, but we’d be willing to go ahead and do it anyway.

I’d love to do this with a photo of my graduate for her graduation party later this summer, or maybe for a grandparents’ special birthday. And if you aren’t as keen to put your loved one’s head into the center of a lollipop, you can also insert a “Happy Birthday” or “Good Luck at College!” graphic in place of a photo.

If you’ll be ordering multiples of 10, change the photo used for each set and you’ll have an entire assortment of images that will look so cool spread out on the dessert table. ($46.99 for 10 pops)


Sweet Personalized Party Treats: Custom OreoID cookies

Oreo ID cookies let you customize your message on the front of chocolate-dipped Oreos

Featured in our post about the coolest Easter gifts for teens, I just love the custom OreoID cookies, which take delicious Oreo cookies and turn them into the best party favors.

There are multiple color and flavor options for the inner cream, and your choice of a milk chocolate or white chocolate dip. But things get really neat when you can pick the sprinkle colors around the border, add a photo to feature in the middle, and even personalize with a short text message overlay.

(My follow type geeks will love seeing Oreo Sans as one of the type options).

As you build your masterpiece, the Oreo ID page updates so you can add or remove sprinkle colors, recenter your photo, and tweak your messages. I’d love if they offered new gluten-free Oreos as a base, so hopefully that option will be offered in the future. ($2.50 per Oreo, minimum 20)

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Sweet Personalized Party Treats: Personalized M&Ms

Personalized M&M party treats to hand out at the end of your first post-Covid party

If you’ve ever gone into the giant M&M Store in Times Square, you may have seen the huge tubes of M&Ms, all sorted by color. We all know by now that those make great party favors to dole out at the end of your gathering, but did you know that you can go even further with Personalized M&Ms party favor packs? T

hese tiny treats not only can be customized by color, but you can personalize even more with images, words, and photos on each crunchy candy shell.

Personalizing your mix is super easy and pretty fun to do online. Choose up to three color and as you select them, the “mix” on the screen changes to show you what your combo will look like. Then select what you’d like to have on the front of your mix, like clip art messages ( Class of 2021, Happy  Birthday, and so on), or your own short text message. You can even use a teeny tiny photo of your own. ($2.49 each with minimum order of 20)


Sweet Personalized Party Treats: BOOMF Mallowpops

Hand out Boomf personalized Mallowpops at your next party

We covered BOOMF’s delicious marshmallow-y treats way back in 2014 when they started uploading edible Instagram pics on their square marshmallows and the world went wild. While we still love sending a box of nine edible photos as a gift, it’s their individually wrapped Mallowpops that make an excellent personalized party favor.

I love that you can add a different photo or saying on each square mallow, making it the most customizable treat of all the options featured here.

Feeling ambitious? Put a photo of the birthday girl with each guest on each marshmallow square and then give your guest their image to take home. Or for something a little easier, check out their large collection of edible designs that can be printed on the front and create your own assortment.

Just be sure to give yourself plenty of lead time for shipping. They export from the UK imports, and I definitely recommend paying extra for tracking. ($26.99 for nine Mallowpops plus shipping)