We’re on week two of nightly family dinners. That also means I’m on week two of washing food splatter out of my clothes from cooking these nightly family dinners. So when Liz shared these fabulous aprons from soulPhoodie, it was like she was in my house, watching me juggle a TideStick and a spatula.

(Side note: I wish Liz was in my house!)

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Aprons from soulPhoodie in African prints. They're not only practical and gorgeous, they support an amazing Black-owned business
Image: Marsha J via soulPhoodie

Choose from these four bright patterns, all of which are now back in stock. (Hint: they sell out quickly.) They’re one-size-fits-most, with pockets for your own TideStick and spatula (ha), made from poplin, which makes for easy clean-up.

And hey, if not for yourself, grab one for your partner or for holiday gifts (holidays? remember those?), because at $30, they’re an affordable gift that supports a wonderful Black-owned small business. And your December self will thank your September self, and I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that our December selves need all the help they can get.