I’ve been a fan of America’s Test Kitchen for years, so I was excited to discover their new offering for little kids: the Preschool Chefs’ Club. It works like other subscription boxes, arriving once a month and abounding with activities, stickers, tools, and a mini book. So perfect for holiday gifts or just to keep them busy on rainy or snowy days (yes, winter is coming!).

I tried this new subscription box out with my own preschooler, and I have to say, this kit was a slam dunk. The first activity involved dropping colored vinegar into a pan of baking soda, or as they call it, fizzy painting. I thought this activity would last a few minutes, but he played for almost an hour, recruiting LEGO Luke Skywalker to explore the Tatooine-like landscape.

He liked the other Preschool Chef’s Club activities, too, one of which challenged us to create a rainbow smoothie using what we had in our fridge. Since my son is a picky eater, the box doubled as our food play therapy for the day. I was shocked when he ate the rainbow smoothie bowl, even though it had avocado in it (a definite non-preferred food for him).

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Cool holiday gift idea for kids: Preschool Chef's Club food subscription box

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If you’re looking for a cool, unique holiday gift for the younger kid in your life, I think this is a great option. Whether you’re trying to teach science, expand your kid’s tastebuds, or just lay the foundation for a the valuable life skill of cooking, Preschool Chefs’ Club is a winning recipe.

Thank you to America’s Test Kitchen for a sample of the Preschool Chefs’ Club box. Check out their subscription options for their new Preschool Chef’s Club box on their website.