My sister and I were chatting about what to make for dinner this next week and I suggested Egg Foo Young, at which point she said, “I could eat Chinese food every day of the week.” And while I totally agree with that statement, the thought of making Chinese food from scratch is often a bit intimidating.

So I suggested we try a few different recipes, double them up, and share them with each other so that each of us would only be making 3 meals this next week. Maybe you don’t have a sister close by to swap with, but if you have a few friends, why not try a dinner rotation? It’s a great way to reduce your kitchen time and spread a little love this time of year.

Top Image: Chicken with Chinese Broccoli & Mushrooms

Awesome Food Bloggers to follow: The Woks of Life and their recipe for Chicken Egg Foo Young

So in the spirit of our love for Chinese food, we decided to try recipes from The Woks of Life, which I found after searching Google for the “best Egg Foo Young” recipes (see also how to search for and find the best recipes online). I was immediately drawn to the site for the mouthwatering recipes, but when I read more about the family behind them, I was smitten.

The Woks of Life is a website and blog is run by a family of four: Bill & Judy, and daughters Sarah & Kaitlin. Their site was created to document their family’s history through food and “has been recognized as the online authority on Chinese cooking in English.” Pretty amazing!

I spent hours going through all of the recipes, and narrowed them down to these five. Hopefully, you enjoy them as much as I know we will.

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Awesome Food Bloggers to Follow: The Wokds of Life Chicken with Chinese Broccoli & Mushrooms

First up, I am super excited to try this Chicken with Chinese Broccoli & Mushrooms. It seems pretty simple and straightforward, and includes ingredients that most everyone already likes. If you can’t find Chinese Broccoli, in the notes someone subbed broccolini and bok choy and raved about the results.

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Awesome Food Bloggers to Follow: The Woks of Life Mushroom Larb

The next dish I will be making is this Mushroom Larb. Larb is one of my family’s favorite dishes, and I haven’t actually tried it without meat so am excited to give this a whirl. If you are heading to the Asian market, you may be able to find toasted rice powder and skip making your own, or just skip it altogether if this seems overwhelming to you. You can serve Mushroom Larb DIY style in lettuce wraps, or on top of a bowl of rice.

Awesome Food Bloggers to follow: The Woks of Life 15 Minute Lazy Noodles

One marvelous thing about The Woks of Life is that they have an entire category called “Quick and Easy.” My sister is going to knock out the 15-Minute Lazy Noodles on one of her nights. As described in the blog, this recipe is super flexible and you can use whatever you have on hand and it will still turn out amazing. So it’s more of a 15-minute magic recipe.

Awesome Food bloggers to follow: The Woks of Life Chicken Egg Foo Young Recipe

And this may be the show stopper recipe of the week: Chicken Egg Foo Young. My fascination for Egg Foo Young goes back to my childhood when once in a while my parents would take all 7 of us to a local Chinese restaurant in Oklahoma City and order Egg Foo Young. We didn’t eat out very often, and this was a huge treat. I have never been able to find a dish that tastes quite as good as my childhood memory, but just reading this recipe makes me think this could be a winner.

Awesome Food Bloggers to follow: The Woks of Life Red Bean Mochi Recipe

Finally, I am going to push my culinary talents and give this recipe for Red Bean Mochi a try. This is my son’s very favorite treat when we hit the Asian market, and I really want to see if I can make these here at home – mostly just to impress him.

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