This week, I am highlighting one of my very favorite sources for meal inspiration: Diane Morrisey. Some may say that technically she is not a “food blogger” because she shares recipes on Instagram rather than an official website, but to those people, I say “shhhhhush.” Diane’s recipes have become a legend in my house and without even knowing it, she has saved me on many, many evenings.

A mother of 6, Diane understands what it means to feed your brood when you are short on time and energy. Her delicious recipes are not overly complicated, and often feature ingredients that I have right in my pantry. And what’s cool is that the recipes are detailed in her Instagram posts, or IG Reels with step-by-step instructions.

Below are five of my very favorite recipes from Diane. If you are not following her already, I strongly encourage you to jump on over and follow her Instagram page right now and explore all of the many recipes on her page.

Top Image: Baked Gnocchi with Spinach White Beans and Sausage and Homemade Granola Bars

Meat Pie from Diane Morrisey's Instagram Page

I have featured many of Diane Morrisey’s recipes on my Weekly Meal Plan posts because as I mentioned, her recipes are featured at least once a week in my kitchen. I first tried this recipe for Meat Pie last November, and it’s become a tradition in our home.

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Baked Gnocchi with Spinach White Beans and Sausage from Diane Morrisey

I have honestly made this easy and delicious Baked Gnocchi with Spinach White Beans and Sausage once a week for the last 4 weeks. It comes together in less than an hour, but I make it earlier in the day and throw it into the oven on auto-start so it comes out hot later. My teens love it and bonus: it makes the very best leftovers.

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Chicken and Tortellini Zuppa Toscana from Diane Morrisey

With the weather going from hot to cold on an almost daily basis, I’m still in soup mode. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Diane’s recipe for Chicken and Tortellini Zuppa Toscana which not only warms your belly and soul, but it is also on the table in about 30 minutes.

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Homemade Granola Bars from Diane Morrisey

Diane features solid dinner and main dish recipes, as well as cookies, cakes, and breads, all of which are spectacular. I make these Homemade Granola Bars every Sunday so the kids have them for after-school and pre-practice snacks all week long. They also taste really great coffee in the morning—just sayin.

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Sausage Apple Maple Pancakes from Diane Morrisey

A woman after my own heart, Diane frequently shares BFD ideas (breakfast for dinner) like these Sausage Apple Maple Pancakes. There is sausage and apples IN THE PANCAKES. Enough said.

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I love to discover new food bloggers and influencers! If you have suggestions, tips, or recommendations for recipes, cookbooks, or other food bloggers I should check out please comment here, or shoot me a message in our Recipe Rescue group on Facebook!