Every once in a while, there is a product that comes along that stops me in my tracks and I have to order immediately, and today, Velveeta scented nail polish is just that. In partnership with America’s most loved cheese brand, Nails.INC just launched this creamy smooth (I couldn’t help it) nail polish duo called Pinkies Out.

Yes, the nail polish is cheese-scented. And I cannot wait to try it out.

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Velveeta Nails.INC Pinkies Out Polish

I love that this polish duo is described as making “your nails look as smooth as Velveeta feels.” And it cracks me up that they have to put in a disclaimer that while the polish does smell like Velveeta once it is dry, you should not actually eat the polish.

Because it is nail polish, not real cheese.

While I’m super excited to sit and smell my nails, the color combination “La Dolce Velveeta yellow and Finger Food red” is actually pretty cool. It’s a perfect color duo for summer for both fingers and toes (and hey, if you can smell your toes, bravo to you). Additionally, Nails.INC polish is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and their long-wear formula actually does last longer than that bowl of mac and cheese your teen made for lunch.

Nails.INC x VELVEETA Irresistible Nail Stickers

And to top off your gorgeous, Velveeta smelling nails, grab a set of these Nails.INC x VELVEETA Irresistible Nail Stickers.

So if you see me sitting poolside this summer, smelling my nails like Mary Katherine Gallagher, just know that I am actually dreaming about devouring a huge bowl of creamy Velveeta shells and cheese at that very moment.