A few months ago I had my annual physical, where I discovered that my cholesterol was a little high. It just so happened to be right before my birthday, and after doing a little research, I decided to treat myself to a month’s worth of meals from Sakara Life. Their Signature Nutrition Program features organic, plant-based meals that are both gluten and dairy free, plus no GMOs.

Considering I’m already gluten and dairy free, it didn’t feel like too much of a stretch. And let’s be honest, as a busy single mom of four kids, I’d pretty much eat anything that was delivered to my door, completely ready to eat.

So, I picked my start day, and the number of meals (I did 3 meals a day, 5 days a week for a month), as well as a couple of add-ons (I did the probiotics and the detox tea), and anxiously awaited the first week of food, which actually gets shipped in two deliveries.

I’m not going to lie: I felt a little bit like a celebrity just grabbing my already-prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of the fridge every day. It was nothing short of dreamy. Granted, I still had to make food for my kids, but I’ve probably never eaten so healthily (and consistently) in my entire life.

And I was thinking that surely I’d get some repeat meals over the course of thirty days but that was absolutely not the case. Each meal (save a couple of breakfasts that I thought were meh) was unique, delicious, and satiating. I was completely surprised by how full I felt, and better, how great I felt. I was super impressed (and I’m glad because it’s pretty darn pricey).

A completely honest review of Sakara Life: Is it worth the money?

Now, I haven’t gone back to get my cholesterol tested, but I will say, that doing the 30-day program kicked me back into a healthier lifestyle. I’m exercising again, and I’ve actually stopped eating red meat and chicken since I did the program.

I didn’t really lose any weight that I could tell, but that wasn’t a goal for me anyway. Just something to keep in mind if that’s something you’re looking for with this program. I’m not a super fan of their marketing, which dances around the periphery of diet culture with their bridal program and “detox,” though to be fair, I did feel fantastic for the month that I did this program—energized and well-rested for sure. But it’s a slippery slope with these types of programs for people (like me, to be completely honest) who do have some issues around food.

And it is very expensive, and honestly, a bit wasteful. Though all the containers are recyclable, it’s something to keep in mind.

Bottom line: If I could afford Sakara Life as part of my budget, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The convenience combined with the quality of the meals that I would have never in a million years had the time (or energy) to make myself made my birthday month one of the best I’ve ever had.

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