We’re jumping head first into the pool of #ForceFriday because we admit it. We’re huge Star Wars fans around here (yep, we have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it) and we can’t wait for Star Wars VII: Force Awakens as much as the next person. That’s why we couldn’t help but share these unbelievable DIY Star Wars macarons by SemiSweet. Aren’t they insanely awesome?

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DIY Star Wars Macarons Chewbacca | via SemiSweet blog

DIY Star Wars Macarons by SemiSweet blog

DIY Star Wars Macarons by SemiSweet Blog | Mmmmm Death Star is tasty


You can head over to the SemiSweet blog for an actual tutorial by cookie designer Mike Tamplin if you’re feeling ambitious. We bow down to you, Mike. Mostly, we’re just hoping someone we know will be kind enough to give these a whirl. And then share. A lot. We can be over in a 15 minutes.

Head over to SemiSweet for the full DIY Star Wars macarons tutorial.